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Academic Congregations



The dates for the summer congregations 2015 have been announced and are as follows:

 Date   Time   Faculty 
 Thursday 9th July 10.30   Business and Law  
  13.30 Business and Law
  16.00 Business and Law
 Friday 10th July 10.30 Engineering and Environment  
  13.30 Engineering and Environment
  16.00 Engineering and Environment
 Monday 13th July    10.30 Health and Life Sciences
  13.30 Health and Life Sciences
  16.00 Health and Life Sciences
 Tuesday 14th July 10.30 Health and Life Sciences
  13.30 Health and Life Sciences
 Wednesday 15th July    10.30  Arts, Design and Social Sciences  
  13.30 Arts, Design and Social Sciences
  16.00 Arts, Design and Social Sciences


Please click here to read the summer 2015 congregations guide pdf- full of essential information about your congregations ceremony.


Every graduate will have the opportunity to attend the Academic Congregation following the completion of their programme. It is important, therefore, that graduates should know when their ceremony is taking place and to plan ahead if they wish to attend. The dates of the ceremonies are publicised well in advance (see academic calendars). It is University policy that attendance cannot be deferred - you are expected to attend the ceremony following the conferral of your award.

The July ceremonies are for those graduates whose final exam boards take place between December and June. The December ceremony is for those graduates whose final exam boards occur between July and November.

Each graduating student will receive an invitation by email. The Congregations Office will dispatch tickets to attending graduates (home address) approximately 4 weeks before the date of the ceremony.

Graduating students are reminded of the importance of the following:

- To assist the administration of the events and the distribution of tickets, they should book before the stated deadline. Late applications may not be accepted.

- Personal data (name and addresses) must be kept accurate and up to date with your School Office.