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Academic Congregations

Summer 2017 Congregation Information-


PLEASE NOTE- Extra tickets for the Business and Law ceremony on 6th July at 4pm and the Health and Life Sciences ceremony on 12th July at 1.30pm are now sold out.

There will be a staggered release of extra tickets from Tuesday 6th June at 10am.
All students who have been invited to the ceremonies will receive an email on the afternoon of Monday June 5th with a personalised* link to the ticket booking task.
Due to limited numbers there will be a cap on the amount of tickets available for some ceremonies- full details of the ticket release and the maximum number of tickets you can book for each ceremony are below.

Please do not call the congregations office, if you have any further questions please email to

Tickets will be released in the following faculty order -
Tuesday 6th June
Business and Law from 10am
Engineering and Environment from 1pm

Wednesday 7th June
Arts Design and Social Sciences from 10am
Health and Life Sciences from 1pm

Ticket information-

Bookings will open on Tuesday 18th April. There will be a maximum guest ticket allocation of 3 per student.

The first two tickets will be free of charge and the third ticket will be £12.50.

Tickets will be booked via a personalised* link which will be emailed as part of the inviation sent on 18th April.

The Summer Congregation Guide is full of information regarding tickets, gowns, photography and much more. Please click here to read the Summer Congregation Guide in full.

Congregation Dates Confirmation-

Click on the time of the ceremony below to see the list of programmes attending that ceremony.

 Thursday 6th July 
 Business and Law 
  13:30 Business and Law
  16:00 Business and Law
 Friday 7th July 10:30 Engineering and Environment 
  13:30 Engineering and Environment
  16:00 Engineering and Environment
 Monday 10th July
 10:30 Arts, Design and Social Sciences
  13:30 Arts, Design and Social Sciences 
  16:00 Arts, Design and Social Sciences
 Tuesday 11th July   10:30 Health and Life Sciences
  13:30 Health and Life Sciences
  16:00 Health and Life Sciences
 Wednesday 12th July 
 10:30 Health and Life Sciences
  13:30 Health and Life Sciences

If you have any questions relating to ticket bookings please contact the congregations team via email.

Academic Congregation dates

*Please Note- links to the congregation task are personalised links, do not forward your link to other students.