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Improving Sustainability Together

Sustainability simply put is the ability to maintain without depleting or damaging, and this applies to energy supplies air quality or even the ability to travel to work. 

Northumbria’s operations will bring with it an impact on the environment, and within the Corporate Strategy 2013-2018 we have committed to significantly improve our sustainability.

Working collectively both staff and students can make a significant improvement on environmental impacts, from reducing energy and water consumption, to recycling and travelling to work sustainably.

There are many measures available to us to reduce environmental impacts including the large engagement programmes, Green Impact and Student Switch Off to the small measures staff can take such as switching off their monitor when they shut down their PCs.

There are four key guides to reducing environmental impacts available to staff and students which are on this page they are:

• Energy – creates climate changing emissions (download file)
• Waste -  creates climate changing emissions via landfill (download file)
• Water – a precious resource that is not to be wasted (download file)
• Travel – creates congestion, local air quality issues and creates climate changing emissions (download file)

These areas are significant contributors to environmental impacts but there are also many opportunities to reduce those impacts. To find out more about the environmental impacts of energy and water usage, waste and recycling and how to travel sustainably to the University, click on the relevant link. 

There are also posters and stickers available on request from the Sustainability Office contact us for these or any information you may need on how to share our efforts in improving sustainability together.