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Budgeting and Money Advice

Sometimes managing your money can be a challenge and often a student income is very limited.  Learning to live within a budget can alleviate some of the stresses of a low income, as well as reducing the levels of commercial and personal debt you may accrue through university.

Financial worries are the last thing you need when you are trying to concentrate on your studies, so it's worth taking a few minutes to think about how you will manage your finances. 

Planning A Budget

The key to successful budgeting is knowing how much money you will have coming in and making sure that you don’t spend more than you have.  Drawing up a simple budget plan to predict your income and outgoings is a big step towards taking control of your finances.  

Our A Guide to Successful Budgeting offers some useful tips on living on a budget.

UK Students can also use the Brightside UniAid UK Student Calculator as a budgeting tool and International Students may find the UniAid International Student Calculator useful too.

If you find you have less money to live on than you need please don’t panic!  This means you will need to review your budget and identify ways to maximize your income and reduce expenditure.  Please follow 'Coping With A Shortfall' page for more information on this.  You can also see a Welfare, Funding and Immigration Adviser for further information.

Debt – Self Help Guides and Programmes

If you have debt problems and would like some support and guidance on sorting out your finances and dealing with both urgent and non-priority debts you can access a range of helpful guides and resources on the links below:  

National Debt line  

My Money Steps  

Step Change Debt Charity

The Money Advice Service

Citizens Advice Bureau 

Useful Links

NASMA (top tips) .pdf

NHS Choices (free fitness)

Access to Learning Fund (ALF)

Student Money Manual

Big Energy Saving Week (CAB)

Energy Saving deals Leaflet (CAB/OFGEM)

Money Tips for Graduates

Choosing your Student House

Student Beans - Deals and Offers

Are you paying too much Tax?

Tax Guide for Students

Money Saving expert

Thrifty Lesley Recipes

UCAS Budgeting tips



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