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Aditya (Trinity Square)

Aditya - Trinity SquareWhen I applied for accommodation at Trinity Square, I was expecting that I wouldn't be able to get a room as I had applied on results day since it was my insurance choice.

However, applying for Northumbria accommodation has been nothing but simple and convenient for me. 

Choosing accommodation was easy as each accommodation is affordable (compared to some other places) and the system is set up to make sure that you are paired with flatmates who are similar to you by asking you a few questions, e.g, do you drink coffee, are you a morning/night person, to ensure that people are appropriately matched.

You will get to find your flatmates on social media and co-ordinate what to bring.

I chose Trinity Square since it was quite close to the university and had lots and lots of shops nearby. It also has a gym and a superb view of the Millenium Bridge, meaning all my student needs are met.

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