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Konnor (New Bridge Street)

KonnorMoving to University was a big step up from anything I’d experienced prior, being responsible for yourself and moving away from home is difficult, with so many more things to do and consider, even as simple as ensuring you don’t give yourself food poisoning to worrying about where and with who you’re going to live for the next year. The Northumbria accommodation booking portal relieved me of immediate stressors as due to the system I could see the 3 personality traits of people who had already booked a room as well as their gender, allowing me to reduce the chance of being with people I just wouldn’t get on with. This meant I could find people who would be similar to myself and share my interests, as well as that I was in a flat with the mix of genders I wanted.

After booking New Bridge Street I was immediately informed by the accommodation team of a Facebook group for the accommodation where I could find my flat mates so we could get to all know each other before moving in. I found one of my female flatmates immediately and we began to chat, come two weeks later all 4 of us had a group chat and talked regularly, this relaxed me as I would no longer be moving in with strangers.

Due to Covid-19 when moving into the accommodation we had to book timeslots to move in, thanks to the group chat we all organised to move in one after the other, so we would all be together from our first day, the system of booking a slot worked perfectly showing live availability just as the booking portal did for the room.

When moving in I was guided to reception to get my key and met our New Bridge receptionist Paul Kelly who is a man that can’t quite be described in words. He was amazing in making me feel at ease about the move and was always there if we needed anything, even when our flat was isolating due to Covid he would ring to check how we were all doing and if we needed anything bringing up, shopping, etc. Paul always says hi when you pass him and remembers everyone, somehow.

New Bridge Streets best assets are its location and room sizes: the location is less than a 5-minute walk away from a Sainsbury’s local so no matter the time of day or what you need you always have immediate access to a shop, there is also a Morrisons a 15-minute walk away if you need a bigger shop. It’s a 15-minute walk from the centre with every service you could possibly need 2-minute walk from Manors metro station and a 5-minute walk from campus. The Millennium bridge on Quayside is somewhere my friends and I would frequent on a night and is a lovely sight only 12 minutes away, oh and a local Wetherspoons 5 minutes away. Everything is available to you.

The rooms are all double beds with ensuite so there’s no concern of sharing a bathroom or lack of bed space for… sleeping, as well as there being more than enough wardrobe and desk space to store things. The kitchens are huge, separated into a lounge type area and the kitchen itself, quite often we’d all be cooking something and manage to negotiate around each other and do what we needed thanks to the space, as well as there never being any arguments about use of cupboard and fridge space. The lounge area has 2 sofas and there is also a breakfast bar so we would all be able to sit and watch something or play games.

New Bridge also has a common area next to reception, with table tennis and pool table, work booths with TVs, cinema area and other facilities, however due to Covid-19 this area was unfortunately but understandably out of bounds this year.

New Bridge Street is ideal accommodation, there is no compromise or trade off, it has everything needed and allows you to either stay in a 5-minute walk bubble or venture out and explore, it allows independent living to be as easy as possible and enjoyable.


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