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Megan (Trinity Square)

Top 5 Places to Visit in Newcastle - Blog

I was tasked to write to you all and recommend the 5 must places to visit in Newcastle and, as I’m sure anyone who’s lived here for more than a week would tell you, trying to capture this entire city’s atmosphere and life into just five places just becomes more and more difficult the longer you think about it.

So first I think a little about Newcastle should be said, with amazing Metro and Bus services it couldn’t be easier as a student to travel around weather it be a rainy day and you need into city centre or even a day trip to the beach all of this can be achieved for less than £5 on the Metro. With the city centre being so accessible once you’re in you can stay all day have breakfast, lunch and dinner and go out that night without being bored.

Now on to the top five in no specific order first we have Grainger Market, situated in the city centre this is a market hall built in 1835 that now has over 100 vendors selling everything from dumplings to vinyl records, vintage clothes to green grocers. For me this is an absolute must visit even just to look around and see it all.

Next, we have the pet Dog and Scone and Catpawcino technically these are separate places, but I couldn’t talk about the cats and not the dogs. These are the perfect places to go when you’re feeling down and missing your pet to grab a coffee and cuddle a fury friend.

Next, I would say you cannot go wrong with a visit to the Quayside, here you can find a lovely walk that goes for a full 2.5 miles along the Tyne and where you can find 1 of Newcastle’s 11 Weatherspoon’s as well as outdoor bars, restaurants, coffee shops and at the right time on a Sunday morning you can even find the famous Quayside Market featuring independent traders selling fresh fruit, handcrafted goods and local products.

Then on a any day just one metro stop out of town you will find the stunning Jesmond Dene, whether it be a snowy night in December or a sunny day in May finding such a beautiful nature spot spanning 3km’s filled with greenery and even a waterfall just outside of the city absolutely, cannot be beat.

Lastly it would be a shame to give this list and skip over the amazing Stack while yes, it is a bar, it is also so much more than this with the multiple small business owners providing everything from Greek to Sushi and Pizza to Boa Buns as well as the live music daily and I would have to say some of the best heaters provided by anywhere in Newcastle you’ll never find yourself in bad spirits when visiting.


If you're interested in taking a tour of Trinity Square, click here and join Megan as she takes on a tour of her life at Trinity Square! 


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