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Vishaakh (Claude Gibb)

Vishaakh - Claude GibbAs an International student, who had just turned eighteen, moved half the world away to an entirely different country and was just about to run a household independently during a pandemic. It all sounds crazy, but Claude Gibb (Sodexo) and Northumbria University made it a million times better and smoother.

Even before I travelled to the UK, I was receiving communications from Claude Gibb regarding online Induction and Arrival, which felt like a warm welcome to me. Upon arrival, when I was asked to self-isolate in compliance to British Government mandate, I was given the proper support from three meals a day, to having someone bring my deliveries and leaving them at my doorstep and there was someone who would come to our floors to sanitise clean our door handles.

The staff here at Gibb are some of the cheerful people you could possibly meet. I chose Claude Gibb for catering and I’m happy that I did.

The best part of Claude Gibb is its location. It is literally on campus that all the university budlings are not more than 2 minutes away; to go to the library all you would have to do is step out of the building and you’re already there. Claude Gibb is truly a fun place – from the mammoth of a common room, to the people who live here.

I would highly recommend this place to anybody who’s joining this university and wants to save time from cooking food and commuting to the campus for classes.

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