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This course is a bespoke Continuing Professional Development course. We will work with you to develop training that will fit your organisation’s needs.  To contact our expert staff to create a bespoke course that is tailor made for you and to receive updates about Continuing Professional Development courses, fill out the enquiry form. 

This course is designed to help construction-related organisations to develop leaders and workplace talent. 

What upskilling does your organisation need?

Why do you need it?

What can we offer?

Digital competencies in the latest technologies

To optimise the design, construction and operation of buildings and infrastructure.

  • Intelligent application of digital modelling and management.
  • Strengthening of collaborative working and coordinated data systems.
  • Evidence-based approach that delivers transformative, high-value training. 

Specialist competencies in project management

To enhance project management capabilities, given the shortage of top-quality project managers.

  • Training for project managers from all parts of the supply chain, and across all sectors.
  • Leveraging insights from our team of experienced practitioners who have a global track record of delivery.

Commercial competencies in contracting

To form better contracts, understand their management and reduce disputes.

  • Our courses help our clients respond to their industry’s specific contractual challenges.
  • Our courses can be tailored to specific forms of contract and projects, as well as sectors.

Leadership competencies

To develop talent from within your organisation.

  • Transformative influence on leadership practices, inspired by 50 years of research.
  • Development of high-potential teams who lead change, influence key stakeholders, and continually enhance performance.



MSc CPD Construction Project Management with BIM from Northumbria University on Vimeo.

Course Information

Mode of Study
Bespoke Course

Start TBC

Leadership and Management, Architecture, Built Environment and Construction

Northumbria University is a research-rich, business-focused, professional university with a global reputation for academic quality. We work with public, private and cultural sector organisations in the North East of England and beyond.

Key presenters on this programme include; Professor David Greenwood who specialises in Construction Management and is a co-founder of the BIM academy, and Rob Langley who specialises in Contractual and Procurement Law and also works as an accredited adjudicator and mediator. 

We can build customised learning packages so that you and your employees can learn in the best way for you and your business. 

Newcastle Business School provides first-class teaching in a world-class environment. From social spaces and hub areas to lecture theatres and exhibition spaces, our facilities are exceptional. The 24/7 University Library achieves some of the highest levels of student satisfaction in the UK and has held the Cabinet Office accreditation for Customer Service Excellence since 2010.

Northumbria University is:

Quality-focused – Northumbria’s ‘Newcastle Business School’ was named Business School of the Year 2015. We don’t just pass on knowledge; we create it too.

Action-focused – our learning packages integrate work-based activities that translate learning into value in the workplace.

Results-focused – we respond to specific needs, identifying the information and behaviours that will enhance bottom-line results.

Future-focused – as new knowledge, technologies and processes emerge, you can be sure that our professional development programmes will remain ahead of the curve.  

Throughout your course you will be an active participant in the on-going research agenda that is at the heart of Newcastle Business School. With conferences and research events regularly taking place, and with staff discussing their own research as it relates to the topics you will study, there is a strong emphasis on engaging in up-to-date enquiry-based learning.

In the short term you will fill immediate gaps in skills and meet specific competency requirements, helping you provide consistent excellence to clients.

In the medium term, you will build the capacity of your workforce, enabling better performance and profitability in your future projects.

In the long-term you will be developing an on-going mechanism for upskilling, which will help sustain your competitive advantage.  

“Retaining and developing top quality talent is crucial as we compete for work across the UK and internationally. Ten per cent of our workforce is currently taking a course customised for us by Newcastle Business School. It integrates with the latest thinking on project management, which is a huge part of what we do, and it’s leading to better performing individuals and teams.”

Colin Peebles, Faulkner Browns (a client of Newcastle Business School).

We offer all construction-related organisations options for developing your leaders and workplace talent, increasing your capacity to deliver on-budget, on-schedule and environmentally-aware projects. We start by understanding the specific needs of your organisation so that we can develop options that will add value. Based on your situation, we will tailor an exclusive learning package with customised learning outcomes, examples and applications. We will deliver your chosen options at times and places that suit you.

Why not use a customised learning package to bring together new teams as a project start-up, or to help tackle particular challenges? We work with all types of organisations within the construction sector including; house builders, architectural practices, project consultancies, building services, surveyors and civil and structural engineers. 

Your organisation’s area of business must be construction-related.

Please register your interest for this course and we will be in touch once we have confirmed dates.

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