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From enhancing customer experience, to improving operational efficiency, the effective use of data can translate into significant financial gains for a business. 

Netflix, for example, saves $1 billion each year on customer retention using data science – 20 percent of its annual turnover. And it’s not just large customer facing businesses seeing the benefits. Data science has been shown to be directly responsible for between four and 20 percent of business revenue, depending on the maturity of approach. The demand for skills in data science has therefore never been higher.  

This Skills Bootcamp teaches techniques in working with data to create insights that can support strategic business decisions. Course delegates will learn how to pull together data from different sources – both internal and external – and perform analysis that provides vital knowledge to improve performance. For example, a housing association could combine data from its own internal maintenance records with a weather app to determine the most common issues reported in different conditions, and subsequently plan resourcing around the forecast.  

Key learning outcomes include:  

  • Understanding the fundamentals of programming using Python (the most commonly used coding language); 
  • Learning practical methods for planning out code logic (the order a computer performs tasks to reach the required result); 
  • Designing workflows that convert data into actionable insight; 
  • Understanding terminology and concepts commonly used in programming; 
  • The ability to design code requirements for a range of projects. 

This 16 week online course is open to employers that would like to upskill their existing workforce, and independent learners looking to enhance their skill set and earning potential. It offers pre-recorded sessions that can be accessed when it's convenient as well as some pre-arranged live sessions and offline support. Blending theory and practical work together, it offers a holistic learning experience with an opportunity to gain two separate Microsoft Certifications at no extra charge once complete. The course content is contextualised in the construction sector as it provides rich case studies, but skills are transferable to other sectors.  

Alongside the core taught material this Skills Bootcamp also comes with free Microsoft Certification in the form of DP-900 Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals. You will be given full access to the Microsoft learning materials and will also receive a voucher that will entitle you to take the DP-900. The DP-900 certification is designed for anyone interested in foundational-level knowledge of cloud data, and how cloud data services are provided with Microsoft Azure.

Delivered as part of the Institute of Coding – the government’s initiative to embed digital skills across UK businesses – the courses are  subsidised by the Department for Education. They are therefore free to attend for anyone who has been unemployed in the last 12 months, and £1,200 / employee for businesses (a 70% discount).  

By registering your interest and completing our application form you will be acknowledging that you accept the terms of the Department for Educations Skills Bootcamp Privacy Notice and Northumbria University Privacy Statement.

**Please note: deadline for applications for the August 2022 cohort is 15th July 2022 at 4:30pm.**

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Course Information

Delivery Method Online Delivery

Mode of Study

Start w/c 29th August 2022

16 weeks

Architecture, Built Environment and Construction, Digital, Tech and Creative, Engineering and Manufacturing, Financial and Legal Services, Health, Sport and Social Care, Leadership and Management

The course will be coordinated by Professor Paul Vickers and Dr Kay Rogage, Senior Lecturer at Northumbria University.

The course will be delivered remotely by White Frog.

White Frog offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in education and training in BIM in particular and the construction sector more generally. White Frog has an international strategic view of Digital Engineering education across every construction sector and learner age group. White Frog’s in-house technical authoring team has a proven track record of designing and delivering courses at multiple levels for the sector including:

  • Co-author and delivery partner for “Design Engineer Construct' ('DEC') Learning Programme to inspire children and young people age 11 - 18 years to explore technical and professional careers in the digital Built Environment and provide access to UK accredited qualifications.
  • Strategic implementation of BIM across Ethiopia providing training to the ministries for housing, infrastructure, energy and water, building and geotechnical.
  • Co-launched the Sino-British BIM Academy in 2015 at Beijing Jiaotong University, government backed forum aimed at graduate skill requirements, resulting in the formation of the China BIM Academic Forum (BAF) which was formed in 2018 with a centre of excellence at Suzhou University.
  • Content providers for the BIM Institute in Southern Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Mauritius providing learning to universities and professional institutions.
  • National External Auditors for BIM by the National Commission on Examination and Assessment for Skills and Qualifications, China.
  • CITB Digital Leadership programme developers and trainers.
  • Vocational Training Council and CIC Hong Kong course providers to academia and industry bodies.

Skills Bootcamps are part of Lifetime Skills Guarantee initiative funded by the Department for Education [DfE] designed to help people develop skills that are in demand and increase their future employment opportunities.

Fees, for those meeting the eligibility criteria, are fully funded 100% by Government for those:

  • Employed, self-employed, or
  • career changers/returners/redeployed, or
  • unemployed within the last 12 months

Co-funded at 30% (non refundable) by the employer and 70% by Government for those employed where their employer is training their own employees.

Each application is to be assessed on a case-by-case basis and further details on the cost of the provision will be discussed during the application stage.


Paul Vickers and Tanya Vlasova:

Please register your interest for this course and we will be in touch once we have confirmed dates.

If you’d like to receive the latest updates from Northumbria about our courses, events, finance & funding then enter your details below.

* At Northumbria we are strongly committed to protecting the privacy of personal data. To view the University’s Privacy Notice please click here

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