AT7048 - Luxury Brand Value

What will I learn on this module?

In this module you will first consider what is meant by “value”, and why luxury brand value can be perceived in different ways within an organization. You will then explore the concept of luxury brand value through the eyes of a Marketing Manager, Finance Officer, IT Director, and the CEO. You will also explore the impact on luxury brand value from stakeholders in the luxury brands industry, such as the Press and Financial Markets.

Finally, you will examine how these different perspectives on value can be brought together through concepts such as Balanced Scorecard. Value-Based Management, etc.

You will be equipped with the right knowledge around organisational structure, organisational culture and functional leadership of luxury brands. You will review case studies will give you the success and failure stories of value within luxury brands. You will recognise the skills, competence, capabilities and knowledge that a luxury brand manager needs to make effective decisions in light of business needs.

How will I learn on this module?

Emphasis is placed on discussion and debate in the seminar group, and you are expected to contribute to the development and trajectory of those discussions. In this respect, you are required to make positive contributions to the learning experience throughout the module. You will be asked to research topics, lead seminars. Tutorials will offer support with particular concerns and questions. You are also encouraged to develop communication skills by taking an active part in seminar discussions.

Each session will discuss a Luxury management related topic in an open forum. You will be reading and critiquing theory on Luxury management, luxury value, and Luxury brand stakeholders, which will allow you to articulate the global relevance of your own personal interest. Interactive weekly sessions will focus on organisation and multidisciplinary context. You will be building your understanding around the question, ‘what is value for a contemporary global luxury brand’?

You will be provided with practice based knowledge and theoretical constructs around the topics of luxury strategy, luxury management, and luxury organisational structure.

You will apply your learning into practice by working in groups to choose a project topic that will give you a chance to apply design theory, concepts, activities, methods and strategies discussed during the lectures, as well as reflect on the dynamics of groupwork.

Group Project Report
During tutorials you will be guided to form groups of 3-5 students to choose a luxury brand and produce a report that assesses the brand’s value from the appropriate managerial and stakeholder perspectives.

Individual Reflection
You will also provide a reflection on your group experience, evaluating what went well in the group, what problems were encountered, what your specific contribution was to the group effort, and how you will apply this experience in your future employment.

Through the e-learning portal you will be provided with resources in the form of scanned articles, links of books/articles/journals, PowerPoint lectures, word document, video lectures etc. relevant to your module. You will also be given a reading list in your descriptor, but you will be required to create your individual reading resource as well.

How will I be supported academically on this module?

All students have a personal guidance tutor who is available to discuss issues relating to broad issues of academic concern across your programme. Module tutors are also available to support you via their regular office hours’ slots as well as at other times by appointment. The module’s eLP site holds all the key information that you need to know about the module and is obviously available to consult at any time.

What will I be expected to read on this module?

All modules at Northumbria include a range of reading materials that students are expected to engage with. The reading list for this module can be found at:
(Reading List service online guide for academic staff this containing contact details for the Reading List team –

What will I be expected to achieve?

Knowledge & Understanding:
1. Learn about and understand the key principles that inform the practice and management of brand value within the luxury sector.

Intellectual / Professional skills & abilities:

2. Explore and apply managerial theory to demonstrate the value of luxury brand value in terms of business success and its applicability into practice

3. Collect, analyse and synthesise data and demonstrate effective planning, evidencing and reporting skills

Personal Values Attributes (Global / Cultural awareness, Ethics, Curiosity) (PVA):

4. Demonstrate leadership through the ability to work harmoniously and effectively in multidisciplinary teams

How will I be assessed?

Your formative assessment will take place through group work, workshops, assignment discussions and tutorials throughout the course of the module.
MLO’S 1, 2, 3, and 4 will be assessed.

You will submit a 4000 word group report and a 1000-word individual reflection. In order to complete the group report, you and your group will need to choose a luxury brand and assess the brand value from the relevant managerial perspectives. You will evidence your interpretation of existing theories and methods in the field (through literature review), and use this knowledge to evaluate and make recommendations.
The report is a reflective piece on their process of engagement, the outcomes and your learning.

Feedback will be provided to you on the eLP system against the module learning outcomes.





Module abstract

The Luxury Brand Value module aims to develop a theoretical exploration of luxury brand value within the wider context of the luxury goods market. It will explore key issues in understanding and assessing luxury value from a variety of managerial perspectives, including marketing, finance, digital and other stakeholders. This will involve a critical investigation of ‘Value’ in luxury brands, and how value is understood and assessed by the various functions within luxury goods organisations.

On completion of the module you should be able to demonstrate and apply a wide range of theoretical skills associated with luxury brand value which will support your own critique and development in a postgraduate context of enquiry into the global luxury goods market. The curriculum will also explore the concept across both retail and e-commerce.

Course info

Credits 30

Level of Study Postgraduate

Mode of Study 1 year full-time

Department Newcastle Business School

Location Netherlands

City Amsterdam

Start September 2023

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Module Information

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