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2018/19 Rutherford Scholarship

The Rutherford Scholarship - Full time Undergraduate Home Scholarships 2018/19  entry

Northumbria University is committed to supporting our students to achieve their goals. The Rutherford Scholarship Scheme 2018 is designed to award academically gifted students who choose to join Northumbria University in 2018.  The value of the scholarship is £1,500 per award and is awarded in your first year of study.

All Home full- time undergraduate applicants will be assessed for eligibility based on predicted academic achievement.  Potential recipients are expected to be predicted, and to achieve, in the region of AAA at A Level, D*D*D* at BTEC, or equivalent. A full list of acceptable equivalent qualifications can be found below.

Those identified as a potential recipient of a Rutherford Scholarship will be contacted after they have received their Northumbria University offer.  Eligibility is at the discretion of the University and is subject to terms and conditions listed below.

There are a limited number of scholarships available and all eligible self-funded students will be considered. 

Terms and Conditions – Rutherford Scholarship 2018

In addition to achieving the necessary level of qualifications, all applicants identified as potentially eligible for the scholarship scheme must:

  • Make an application to Northumbria University via the UCAS main scheme before 15 January 2018 and choose Northumbria as your firm choice by 07 June 2018
  • Disclose all relevant qualifications on your UCAS form. If you have eligible qualifications that are not listed, we cannot determine your eligibility and you will not be identified as a candidate for the Rutherford Scholarship scheme
  • Be ordinarily resident in the UK and be Home for the purposes of fees or be a resident of the Channel Islands/Isle of Man*
  • Enrol with Northumbria University on or before the enrolment deadline (03 October 2018). If you have not enrolled by this date the Rutherford Scholarship offer will be withdrawn
  • Be applying and studying for your first higher education qualification
  • Register with Student Finance England (SFE), Student Finance Wales (SFW) or Student Finance Northern Ireland (SFNI) as they administer the payment of the academic scholarship on behalf of the University. Scottish students must make an application to the Students Award Agency for Scotland (SAAS) for maintenance funding, which will enable SAAS to pay the student’s academic scholarship on behalf of the University. Alternatively, a Scottish student who does not wish to apply to SAAS for maintenance funding will need to provide bank details to the University in order for an individual payment for the academic scholarship can be made. Scottish students who have not applied to SAAS for maintenance funding, but who are identified for a University scholarship will be contacted by the University in the first semester about the payment of their scholarship. Payment will be made direct to your bank account. *Identified applicants from the Channel Islands/Isle of Man/ will be paid by cheque

    Important information

    Applicants should also note:

  • If you are predicted AAB/ABB/DDD/D*DD/D*D*D but achieve one of the eligible grade combinations listed in the qualification criteria, you will be identified as an eligible candidate for a Rutherford Scholarship and contacted via letter as above
  • If you take a leave of absence or defer your place at Northumbria University before the scholarship has been paid, the scholarship offer will be withdrawn
  • If you decide to leave your course after the scholarship payment has been made, the University will not make efforts to reclaim the amount
  • Students are not automatically awarded a Rutherford Scholarship – eligibility is at the discretion of the University and is subject to terms and conditions listed
  • The following students are not eligible for the Rutherford Scholarship in 2018:

  • Sponsored students
  • Students in receipt of other scholarship funding
  • Students undertaking PGCE courses leading to QTS
  • Students continuing directly from one course to another (e.g. from Foundation Degrees, Foundation Years, Diploma of Higher Education, BTEC HND to the second, third or final year of an Honours degree, top up degrees)
  • Students with Access to HE Diplomas
  • Students transferring in from another institution
  • Students who do not meet the definition of a home UK student
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I apply for the Rutherford Scholarship?

    You don't have to apply for this scholarship - if you are eligible you will automatically be considered for it.

    When will I receive the scholarship?

    Once your qualifications have been verified by our Scholarships team, and all other eligibility checks are complete, the Finance team will add you to the Rutherford Scholarship scheme and you will receive your first payment in November 2018. Subsequent payments will be in February 2019 and May 2019.

    How many scholarships are available?

    There are a limited number of scholarships available.

    Does the AAA/D*D*D* equivalent have to be based on just my main qualifications, or can it be made up of all tariff points I have achieved?

    To qualify, you must be predicted and achieve a combination of the specific grades listed here, and if you have a combination of these qualifications, the best three qualifications you have achieved will be considered. All possible combinations can be found in the guidance notes at the bottom of this page. If your qualification is not on the grid then you must consider that it is excluded.

    Can I add up points from more than 3 A Levels and/or AS Levels to meet the requirements?

    No. The points total can only be taken from a maximum of three A Levels and it cannot include any additional AS Levels you may hold.

    How will I know if I have been awarded a scholarship?

    You will be sent an email in advance of your first payment in November 2018 confirming your scholarship award.

    Do I have to use the money to pay for my tuition fees?

    No – it can be spent on whatever you wish.

    If I have studied at a university elsewhere will I still qualify for the Rutherford Scholarship?

    Under the terms and conditions of the scheme, the Rutherford Scholarship is only awarded to students where Northumbria University is their first time in Higher Education. If you have done any other undergraduate or postgraduate study, you will not be eligible for the Rutherford Scholarship.


    Home - normally, in order to be classed as a home student, you will need to have been living in the UK for a full three years for purposes other than education and have settled status. Further information can be found by referring to the UKCISA website

    Scholarship - a financial award given to eligible students who meet the academic threshold as determined by the scheme

    Self-funding - students who are assuming full responsibility for the funding of their course

    Full-time - students who are attending the university on a standard course, usually Monday to Friday

    Qualification Criteria

    Where a combination of BTEC (QCF) Diploma, BTEC (QCF) Subsidiary Diploma and A levels are presented, the best three results will be taken


    Minimum Grade  Eligible grade combinations leading to an award of a Rutherford Scholarship
    A-level AAA







    Predicted AAB (must achieve AAA or above)

    Predicted ABB (must achieve AAA or above)

    Scottish Advanced Highers Combinations of Scottish Advanced Highers and Scottish Highers

    Advanced Higher AAA plus Higher AAAAA

    Advanced Higher AAA plus Higher AAAAB

    Advanced Higher AA plus Higher AAAAA

    Advanced Higher AA plus Higher AAAAB

    BTEC Extended Diploma (3 A-level equivalent in size) D*D*D*


    Predicted D*D*D (must achieve D*D*D*)

    Predicted D*DD (must achieve D*D*D*)

    Predicted DDD (must achieve D*D*D*)

    BTEC Diploma (2 A-level equivalent in size)

    The BTEC Diploma is acceptable for entry in combination with other qualifications.  For the purposes of the Rutherford Scholarship, only a combination of 1 BTEC Diploma and 1 A-level is eligible 

    D*D* (BTEC) A* (A-level)

    D*D* (BTEC) A (A-level)

    BTEC Subsidiary Diploma (1 A-level equivalent in size) The BTEC Subsidiary Diploma is acceptable for entry in combination with other qualifications.  For the purposes of the Rutherford Scholarship, only a combination of 1 BTEC Subsidiary Diploma and 2 A-levels is eligible 

    D* (BTEC) A*A* (A-level)

    D* (BTEC) A*A (A-level)

    D* (BTEC) AA (A-level)

    International Baccalaureate 6 6 6 from three IBOs

    7 7 7

    7 7 6

    7 6 6

    6 6 6

    International Baccalaureate Certificates Combinations of one IB Certificate plus two A-levels or two IB Certificates and one A-level are allowed.

    7, 7 (IB) A* (A-level)

    7, 7 (IB) A (A-level)

    7 (IB) A*A* (A-level)

    7 (IB) A*A (A-level)

    7 (IB) AA (A-level)

    Cambridge Pre-U Combinations of Cambridge Pre-U Principal Subjects equivalent to AAA at A-level are allowed.

    1/D2, D1/D2, D1/D2

    D1/D2, D1/D2, D3

    D1, D3, D3

    D2, D3, D3

    D3, D3, D3

    Cambridge Pre-U Combinations of 1 Principal Subject plus 2 A-levels or 2 Principal Subjects and 1 A-level are allowed

    D1/D2, D1/D2, A* (A-level)

    D1/D2, D1/D2, A (A-level)

    D1/D2, D3, A* (A-level)

    D1/D2, D3, A (A-level)

    D3, D3, A* (A-level)

    D3, D3, A (A-level)

    D1/D2, A*A* (A-level)

    D1/D2, A*A (A-level)

    D1/D2, AA (A-level)

    D3, AA (A-level)

    Welsh Baccalaureate Welsh Baccalaureate core at no less than grade A, plus two A-levels.

    Welsh Bacc A, A-level A*A*

    Welsh Bacc A, A-level A*A

    Welsh Bacc A, A-level AA



    Last Updated: 15/11/2017


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