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NU Entry

2021 Applications Now Open!

Applications for NU Entry are now open. Applications close on Friday 30th April at 17:00.

Northumbria University is committed to raising educational aspirations and recruiting high quality students, regardless of background, through a fair and transparent admissions process.

The Student Recruitment team are dedicated to providing a menu of relevant activities and support to schools, colleges and students to help nurture talent. Widening Participation remains a high priority and is at the core of the Northumbria University Supported Entry Scheme.

NU Entry is a structured scheme for students in their first year of sixth form or college (e.g. Year 12 in England, Year 13 in NI) attending schools/colleges in England and Northern Ireland, who meet specific academic and background criteria. By participating in the NU Entry Scheme students will be provided with the opportunity to develop skills necessary for successful undergraduate study and have the opportunity to earn 16 NU Entry points, which are the equivalent to UCAS tariff points when applying to Northumbria University.

To be eligible for the scheme, students must meet our specific eligibility criteria and receive approval by their school or college to participate in the scheme. There are two compulsory elements to the assessment in order for students to obtain 16 NU Entry points. 

Please note that foundation year programmes and all extended degrees are excluded from the scheme. 

Step 1 (Watch the Video): Applicants must watch the short introduction video below before submitting an application. Schools and colleges who have in previous years booked an NU Entry Induction should direct students to this video. Available from 09:00 on Monday 8th March.

Step 2 (Application Process): Complete the application in full, which includes a reflective piece based on your chosen subject area as part of Application Part 2, as well as naming a staff member from your school or college who can verify your information. Available from 09:00 on Monday 8th March. 

Step 3 (Attend the Conference): Applicants must attend the NU Entry Conference to be eligible to qualify for the 16 NU Entry points. This year, the conference will take place virtually and the date will be communicated to applicants when finalised.

Virtual Introduction to the Scheme

Benefits of the Scheme

The programme has been designed to give students the opportunity to develop and be assessed in key skills required to be a successful undergraduate student such as communication, personal enterprise, teamwork, research and analysis. 

Students who successfully complete all the application in full and attend the NU Entry Conference can earn 16 NU Entry Points, the equivalent of 16 UCAS tariff points. These points can then be used when applying to Northumbria University undergraduate programmes. 

Please note that foundation year programmes and all extended degrees are excluded from the scheme. 

After successfully completing all aspects of the application and attending the NU Entry Conference, students will benefit from online mentoring from current Northumbria University students throughout Year 13.

Timeline of Activity

First year of sixth form/college

  • Monday 8th March, 09:00 – NU Entry applications open
  • Friday 30th April, 17:00 – NU Entry applications close
  • W/C 17th May – Applicants informed the outcome of their application
  • Date TBC – NU Entry Virtual Conference (attendance compulsory to achieve 16 NU Entry points)

Second year of sixth form/college

  • Date TBC – Students invited to take part in E-Mentoring
  • Date TBC – E-Mentoring starts

Please note: There will be additional opportunities throughout the year for NU Entry students such as access to library skills support and the NU Entry team will be in touch with further details.

Eligibility Criteria

Students must meet all the following criteria:

  • English Language and Maths GCSEs at grade 4 (C) or above.

  • Have the potential to achieve or exceed 16 UCAS tariff points lower than the standard offer.

  • Be recognised as having 'home status' confirmed by the Home Office. Definition of ‘home status’ can be found at

Students must also meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Care leaver - An student under the age of 25 who is a care leaver has experience of being cared for by the local authority and has 'former relevant care leaver status' according to the Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000.
  • Estranged student - A young person who has no communicative relationship with either of their biological parents/legal guardians and they do not expect the situation to be reconciled.
  • Student with caring responsibilities, (not including childcare) - A person who has sole or shared responsibility, unpaid, to care for a friend or family member who has an illness, disability, mental health illness or addiction who could not manage without their support.
  • Live in a neighbourhood with a low progression rate to Higher Education - To check your neighbourhood progression rate, click here. If your POLAR4 young participation quintile is identified as 1 or 2, you will be eligible to apply to the scheme.
  • Receipt of or entitled to free school meals – A student who receives free school meals throughout the secondary phase of education, before studying at Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE).
  • Parents without a Higher Education qualification – First generation means that neither of your parents/guardians have been to university and hold a degree.
  • Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic – Students from a Black, Asian or minority ethnic origin.
  • Gypsy, Roma, Traveller community - Students from the following identities: English or Welsh Romany Gypsies, European Roma, Irish Travellers, Scottish Gypsy Travellers, Showpeople (such as people linked with fairground or circus professions), people living on barges or other boats, people living in settled (bricks and mortar) accommodation or New Age Travellers.
  • Disabled, dyslexic or specific learning difficulty - Applies If you have a disability, long term health condition, mental health condition or a specific learning difficulty (SpLD).
  • LGBTQ+ - A student who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer or other non-heterosexual orientations/identities and students who identify as transgender (trans), non-binary and other gender diverse identities.
  • Mature students - Someone who is beginning stage one of undergraduate university study, aged of 21 or above, on their first day of teaching and learning. If you have studied a qualification that isn’t on the UCAS tariff table, please get in touch to discuss at
  • Military Family - A student who has one or more parent/guardian working full time in the military.
  • Refugee - Students with 'refugee status'. You must have been given 'leave to remain' or 'leave to enter' by the UK Government.

NU Entry Conference

NU Entry Conference


Attendance and full completion of the NU Entry Conference is compulsory in order to achieve 16 NU Entry points.


Conference Details: TBC 




Apply Now!

Additional Information for Students

Adding NU Entry to your UCAS application

If you are applying to Northumbria University, you will need to identify that you participated in NU Entry on your UCAS application. Please take note of the following instructions:

  • In the ‘Activities’ section on the application form you must include a start date of the activity, please enter: 03 21 (March 2021); Duration: select the maximum duration (30 Days); School Year: 12; Location N77 (code for Northumbria University).
  • You will then need to complete the ‘sponsor’ details box. In this box write "NU ENTRY".

Terms and Conditions

All NU Entry applicants should read this section:

By submitting the application form the applicant is signing to say they have read, understand and agree with the Terms and Conditions detailed below:

Northumbria Staff are committed to supporting and guiding students through the NU Entry Scheme and we therefore expect the same high level of commitment, dedication and enthusiasm from all participating students, so that they can earn the benefits associated and get the most out of the experience.

We will always do our best to support students with any mitigating circumstances such as serious illness; bereavement or similar, who are not able to attend the NU Entry Conference.

Students who successfully complete the Reflective Piece and attend the NU Entry Conference, will earn 16 NU Entry points which will be accepted as the equivalent of 16 UCAS Tariff points at Northumbria University. This is provided that the student achieves a minimum of 104 UCAS Tariff points from their A levels or equivalent qualification and they meet all the requirements set out in their conditional offer.

The award of NU Entry points is made entirely at Northumbria University’s discretion. Please note that NU Entry points are not taken into consideration with Foundation programmes and ALL extended degrees.

Northumbria University will consider applications made by NU Entry students through UCAS, and make suitable candidates a standard conditional offer, admitting students who satisfactorily fulfil all aspects of the conditional offer.

Northumbria University is under no obligation to make any form of offer to students who have participated in the NU Entry Scheme, and participation in the NU Entry Scheme in no way constitutes any form of guarantee, promise, indication or agreement that a student will be made an offer of any kind to enrol on any form of course offered by Northumbria University.

Students must be aware of the following:

  • Students holding NU Entry points are only able to defer application to Northumbria University for one year.
  • NU Entry students who are using NU Entry Points to meet the course entry requirements at Northumbria University must choose Northumbria University as their “Firm Choice” once an offer has been made. Northumbria University reserves the right to withdraw any offers in the event that a student does not select Northumbria University as their “Firm choice”.
  • The University reserves the right to withdraw NU Entry points should a student breach the Code of Conduct under the serious incidents of misbehaviour.

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For support with applications, general enquiries or to book an NU Entry Introduction, contact our dedicated NU Entry Team at:

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