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How do I complete my placement profile

Students will receive notification from the Placements Team when a placement profile is ready to complete via the Social Work Placement Profile system. A User guide can be accessed from the ARC Systems Guides at the following link

How will I find out my placement allocations?

Student placements are normally released between 3 and 4 weeks prior to commencement of placement.  You will receive an email providing information and guidance on accessing the ARC-WEB placements system nearer the time.

All users of ARC-WEB are required to evaluate their placement before details of their next placement allocation can be revealed by the system. Students will normally be prompted to complete an evaluation at the end of the placement (see section 7 of the ARC-WEB Student User Guide



I have lost my DBS Certificate - what should I do

Students are advised to keep their DBS Certificate safe as it lasts the length of your programme and may be needed for Placement. At the time of both Year 02 and Year 03 placement release, students are reminded that they may need to take a copy of their DBS Certificate to their Pre-placement meeting.

It is important that students look after their DBS certificate.  Because of the nature of the DBS check a re-print cannot be issued for lost or damaged certificates, instead anyone who loses their DBS certificate will need to re-apply, and regardless of the programme, the cost will need to be covered by the applicant.

If a placement agency are requesting to see sight of your DBS certificate and you no longer have it, you will need to re-apply. The agency are aware that you have undergone our DBS and Occupational Health clearance procedures in the first year of the programme but in some cases agencies will have their own procedures to follow and may require sight of a DBS Clearance certificate. 

The following web link on the Universities web pages provides information on DBS and how you can re-apply  

There is no detailed information on ARC-WEB about my placement

The minimum information the university provides is a placement address, telephone number and contact name(s) so that students can make contact with their placement. 

Specific placement information (such as hours/shifts, Learning Opportunities, Specialty & Client Groups etc) is added to the system by individual placement areas.  If no information is provided, please make contact with your placement and ask them if they have further information about their area.

I am having difficulty contacting my placement area

The details you have been given are the details we have on our system for that placement area.  If there is an answerphone facility, please leave a message and ask them to contact you and leave your contact number.  If you have an email address for the placement area please try emailing them and asking them to contact you, again leaving your contact number.  For Nursing, Midwifery, ODP, OT, PT students who are allocated to a Trust placement please contact your Practice Placement Facilitator.  If you are still having difficulty please email or telephone 0191 2156300.

The placement I am allocated to have advised me they do not know anything about me

Please email and we will contact the placement area and get back to you.

My placement details state Unknown or To Be Confirmed

If a placement is listed as ‘UNKNOWN’ or ‘To Be Confirmed’ this means your placement area is still to be arranged or confirmed with one of our placement providers.  Once we have the details of your placement you will be notified accordingly. 

I want to swap or change my placement

Students will be allocated to suitable practice learning opportunities throughout their Programme and will be told of these at the relevant time. Changes to placement will not normally be considered. This is due to the careful matching process that takes place to ensure that students are allocated to placements that meet with their learning requirements. However, should a student feel that they have an extenuating circumstance that may require a change to their allocation, they should discuss this with their Personal Tutor in the first Instance. Should the Tutor feel that the change should be considered, they will discuss this with the Practice Learning Lead.   This request should be made within the first two weeks after notification.

I am unable to get to my placement as I do not drive

We have a robust system in place to determine whether you are able to attend a placement either via personal or public transport and will have checked your journey plan prior to allocation.  Please remember you must not expect to have all your placements in or close to your term time address – the need to travel to placement will form part of your experience at Northumbria University.  If you physically cannot get to your placement area for the start time required please email

For additional information about travel and claiming travel costs, please access the 'travel' section on our policies, procedures & guidance page.

Make- Up time Information at the end of placement

Should you have any sickness during placement you will be expected to make this time up either during the allotted placement period or at the end of the placement. ARC will continue to show the numbers of hours absent within this screen when the time has been made up. The social work programme works on the number of days completed and not hours. The total days undertaken on placement will be shown on the main allocations screen.

Can I find more information on Evaluations?

For further information about evaluations, please access the information on our evaluation information page.

I have received confirmation of my first Occupational Health appointment, is it possible to change?

It is imperative that you attend an Occupational Health appointment.  If you would like to request a change in appointment please email, stating the reason why you are unable to attend the appointment and you will be contacted with an alternative.



How can I report sickness/absence?

Programme requirements state that students should report any sickness/absence to the university via your student portal. You should navigate to the following pages: Help & Support, My Course, “Notifying the University of an absence – Nursing, Midwifery, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, ODP, Social Work, BA Primary Education, PGCE Primary Education & Early Primary Only.  If students are on placement, the sickness/absence should also be reported to their placement area.


How can I find more information on Student Support and Wellbeing?

A number of services are available from Student Support and Wellbeing.  If you require any support please visit the Student Support and Wellbeing information page

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