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The Practice Placements Team

The Placements Team manages and organises placements for undergraduate and post-graduate students including Nurses, Midwives, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers and Primary Education Teachers.

Placements represent a vital element of training and, in most cases, accounts for 50% of the training programme itself. In all, we manage approximately 8000 placements each year and have over 1000 placement areas on our books. As you can imagine, this requires a substantial level of planning and negotiation with a large number of stakeholders, including NHS hospital and Trusts, nursing homes, schools, social work units/partner agencies and the private and voluntary sector.

We have a dedicated team of Administrators and Coordinators, each of whom have responsibility for a different programme, and branch of nursing. Full details of who to contact should you have a placement-related enquiry can be found below.

Our aim is to deliver an excellent level of customer service and an important part of this is to ensure and enhance the quality of all ‘practice placements’.  We work closely with our placement partners to achieve this, through, for example, regular audit of each placement area, who are rigorously examined against Professional Body standards/requirements and we are committed to meeting the challenges of ‘Duty of Care’ by ensuring robust policies and procedures are in place to support students in practice.

The Practice Placement Team can be reached by e-mail ( and telephone (0191 215 6300) between the hours of 08:30 - 17:00 (Mon-Thurs) and 08:30 - 16:30 (Fri). If you wish to contact a specific member of the team directly, please consult the list below.


Practice Placement Team Contact Information

Carole Proud - Director of Placements

Carole Proud - Director of Placements

Tel:  0191 - 2156052

Jonathon Devitt - Practice Learning Adviser

Jonathon Devitt - Practice Learning Adviser


Sharon Devlin - Employability Coordinator

Sharon Devlin - Employability Coordinator (0.8; Mon - Thurs)

  • Child
  • Community
  • Learning Disability
  • Care Homes
  • GPs
  • Completions / Make up Time – Child


Natalie Pickup - Employability Coordinator

Natalie Pickup - Employability Coordinator

  • Social Work
  • ODP
  • Completions / Make up Time - ODP


Chris Shepherd - Employability Coordinator

Chris Shepherd - Employability Coordinator

  • Physiotherapy
  • Mental Health
  • Occupational Health
  • Completions / Make up Time - Mental Health


Kevin Sugden - Employability Coordinator

Kevin Sugden - Employability Coordinator

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Primary Education
  • Secondary Education


Shane Green - Employability Administrator

Shane Green - Employability Administrator

  • Co-ordinate Internation (Erasmus) Placements - Students In & Out
  • GP Spokes
  • HMP Spokes
  • Requests to change Trust
  • Provide Admin support for Physiotherapy, Occupational Health, Mental Health, Social Work GPs and completions as and when required


Stuart Hotchkin - Employability Administrator

Stuart Hotchkin - Employability Administrator 

Yvonne Spark - Employability Administrator

Yvonne Spark - Employability Administrator

  • Prescribing
  • Specialist Community
  • Change of Address (Student)
  • Name changes (Student)
  • Conscience Clause
  • Discontinuations
  • Interrupts
  • Provide Admin support for Child, Community, Learning Disability, Social Work and completions as and when required



Jessica Kirby - Employability Administrator

Jessica Kirby - Employability Apprentice


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