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Meet our Students & Graduates

We're always pleased to welcome employers to Northumbria. We offer a range of free services that give you the opportunity to raise your profile and engage with our students and graduates on campus.

On-campus events and activities can be arranged throughout the academic year and at a time to suit your recruitment needs. As part of our free package of support we will:

  • Advise on suitable dates and times
  • Book venues
  • Arrange representative car parking
  • Organise IT access and audio-visual equipment
  • Promote the event to students and graduates via our website, social media sites, email distribution lists, academic departments and posters
  • Register students before the event
  • Support your event on the day

The range of activities we can organise includes:


Talk to a group of interested students and graduates about your recruitment plans, job opportunities and what you look for in an application. Presentations are a good way to promote your company and the roles you have available.


Meet and engage with students, including those that might not be familiar with your organisation, or may not have considered your opportunities. Bring along your stand or banner and promotional materials, or do something more creative to grab students’ attention, such as promotional give-aways, experiential events, temporary promotional structures etc. We’re happy to consider any new ideas.

Skills Training Workshops/Business Challenges

Raise the profile of your organisation on campus, help give students an insight into the work you do, and help students to develop the skills they require for employment and to be successful in their applications. This could be based around your industry sector, the work that you do or a particular aspect of the recruitment process. Give students a chance to experience the type of challenges your graduates face in their jobs. We're happy to advise on formats and themes for these events.

These events can take place over lunch times or early evening, depending on the availability of the students you are targeting.


Meet interested students and graduates, one-to-one or in small groups, where you can answer their specific questions about your organisation and opportunities. Provide them with hints and tips on the application process, or provide advice on their CVs and applications. Drop-ins would be on a first-come-first-served basis for students but we can arrange for students to book on an appointment basis.

Interview and Testing Facilities

Interview and assess Northumbria students on campus. We're happy to offer space, and assistance to employers who wish to recruit candidates on campus.

Promotional Support for Off-campus Events

If you are holding a recruitment event off campus, at your premises or elsewhere, we can help you promote it to Northumbria students and graduates. We can also arrange sign up if required.

Careers and Recruitment Fairs

Our recruitment fairs provide a great opportunity for you to meet with talented and motivated Northumbria students and graduates in one place and at one time. We host a range of fairs each year, including a part-time jobs fair and a business, finance & law careers fair (graduate jobs, placements and work experience). Please click here for more information and to book your space at a fair.

Employer Feedback

"A great turn out to both the skills session and drop-in." (John Lewis)

"The response that we have received from Northumbria has been great." (Newcastle Building Society)

"Very well organised with enthusiastic students. I always enjoy my visits to Northumbria." (Mountbatten Programme)

"We were impressed with the students - they were well prepared and asked some excellent questions." (Northumbria Police)

The above activities can be carried out from September to early December and again in late January to mid-March. We can arrange sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday lunch times at 12-1pm or 1-2pm and Tuesday evenings from 5-6pm. Thursday 5-6pm is a dedicated slot for law related careers. If you are targetting specific disciplines we will endeavour to arrange a time when appropriate students will be available.

If you are interested in any of these activities and would like to discuss with a member of the team, please contact us.

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