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Raise Your Profile

As well as advertising your opportunities and meeting our students and graduates here are some other ways to raise your profile on campus.

Career Insights/Skills Sessions

Get involved in the delivery of our programme of Careers Insights or delivering a session of your own. This provides an opportunity to share knowledge and professional experiences and is a great way to interact with our students.

 Sessions can focus on an area of the recruitment process such as assessment centres or interview techniques, a particular area of knowledge that would be of use to students when applying for roles such as commercial awareness or personal branding, or providing an insight into a specific industry or role.


Sponsor a careers event. This is an excellent way to raise your profile throughout the campus, with promotion of many events providing the opportunity for your brand to reach every student at Northumbria University.

Social Media

Engage with us on social media. Our accounts are Twitter @NUCareers or Facebook/NUCareers. We are happy to repost any content that might be of interest to our students.

Faculty Liaison

We can facilitate relationship building with academic staff at Northumbria University who will be able to talk to you about other ways to get involved in programme delivery and raising your profile at a faculty level. You could get involved in employer forums, guest lecturing, student sponsorship, faculty prizes etc. 


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