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Back to University: Could a Master’s Change Your Life?

6th December 2021

Are you ready to change direction with a master's degree from Northumbria University, Newcastle? from Northumbria University on Vimeo.

Andrew Clarey had been working as a Landscape Architect for 15 years but he felt unhappy in his job and longed for a change. Spending time volunteering on a local regeneration project inspired him to explore the possibility of doing something he was more passionate about.

“I was disillusioned, but I had been really anxious about making a change and unsure what to do next,” said Andrew.

“I realised that I’d enjoyed the volunteering more than I had been enjoying my actual job and it sparked an interest in a career in the cultural sector.”

Andrew discovered Northumbria offered a Masters degree in Creative and Cultural Industries Management: “I had financial anxiety, worrying about how I was going to afford to do a Masters and I was worried about losing my prior experience, but my gut was telling me I needed to do it.”

A new focus

“Once I started the course, all of my anxieties went away. It gave me more of a focus and helped me build on my previous skills with the skills I needed for my new career.”

Andrew now works as a Project Coordinator for Historic England on a cultural regeneration project in Northallerton.

He is currently managing several initiatives including an arts trail, a cultural programme, a new digital hub and an augmented reality app to show the medieval history of the town.

“My new job is brilliant because I use all of my skillset and work on things that I am passionate about.

I can draw on my experience as an architect when looking at things like public realm works but I’m learning so much from projects like developing the augmented reality app, I feel so lucky.

“I definitely made the right decision changing careers, I’m happier and more confident doing this than I was in more than a decade doing my other job.”

Changing aspirations

It's not only people who are already in jobs with established careers that might choose to change direction.

Northumbria has a suite of Masters for those whose interests and aspirations may have changed from their undergraduate degree.

Naveed Butt studied BA Film and TV Production at Northumbria and chose to change his focus by progressing onto MSc Digital Marketing after graduation.

“Film is one of my main passions, but I was unsure of my next step,” said Naveed.

“I’ve always been interested in business too, and after a meeting with a careers adviser I decided Digital Marketing could complement my film and TV studies and be a good option career-wise.

“I’ve really enjoyed lots of my modules and I’m about to start a consultancy project with the Business Clinic where we get to work with a real live client, so that will be great for my CV.

“I’ve also been able to take a CIM qualification through the course which will no doubt help when I’m looking for digital marketing jobs.

“I’d say to anyone thinking of studying a new area, they should go for it. It can broaden your career options and it’s been a challenge doing something different. I’ve really enjoyed it.” 

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