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Disabled Students

The DDST facilitates access to study for all students with a disability which meets the Equality Act (2010) criteria. This includes students with, for example:

  • A sensory impairment such as those affecting hearing or sight 

  • A long-term health condition 

  • A physical impairment 

  • A social or communication difficulty such as an autism spectrum condition 

  • A specific learning difficulty (SpLD) such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, or ADHD 

  • A long-term mental health condition 

Support Available

This could include: 

  • Notifying your tutors of your disability 

  • Recommending teaching adjustments 

  • Alternative exam arrangements 

  • Arranging human support (also known as non-medical help) 

  • Advising on adapted and accessible university accommodation 

  • Access to library support

  • Applying for Disabled Students Allowance (UK students) – This is government funding that is available to students in relation to their studies.  We can help you to apply for funding.  More information is available here.

Support or funding is not provided for: 

  • Daily living support (for UK students, the local authority in your home area remains responsible for social and personal care and non-study-related support) 

  • Medical support 

If your needs or circumstances change or your support is not working, you can discuss making changes with the Disability and Dyslexia Support Team (DDST). Whatever your concerns, stay in touch with the DDST. Let the DDST know about any questions, queries, or concerns and we will do our best to help. 

Your Student Support Plan 

Your Disability Adviser outlines recommendations for individual support in a Student Support Plan called the Disabled Student Support Recommendation (DSSR). 

The DSSR will be shared with the key members of staff who need to know about your disability to support you, including your Programme Leader and Personal Tutor. 

However, each DSSR is individual and based on discussions between the DDST and yourself, so we recommend you get in contact with us for an initial appointment.  

The DDST recommendations are made to support the University as they consider their obligations to make reasonable adjustments. 

Please see our DSSR leaflet for students.


**Please note - to get exam support in place you must have seen a Disabilities Adviser to discuss your support plan (DSSR). If you have not already arranged this you will need to make an appointment with the team before the exam deadline date. You will receive an email and there will be a message on the student portal to advise on the specific dates.**

Contact Us


Current students: Please submit an enquiry via the Help & Support section of your Student Portal




Tel: 0191 227 4127

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