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Dyslexia and other Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD)

To receive support, you must: 

  • Provide a full diagnostic assessment report carried out by an appropriately qualified practitioner psychologist or specialist teacher with a valid practising certificate. The report must meet the Guidance on SpLD Diagnostic Assessments.

  • We cannot accept a Form 8 or dyslexia screener report as they do not provide the comprehensive range of tests that we need for Higher Education level study.

  • A Form 8 is used in schools and colleges to apply for exam access arrangements, such as 25% extra time or the use of a scribe. It is not based on a full psychological assessment, which is required for support in Higher Education.  

If you do not have a full diagnostic assessment report or have not previously had any assessment for dyslexia/SpLD but feel that you may experience such difficulties, we can arrange for an assessment for you.   

Please read our 'Requesting an assessment for dyslexia or another Specific Learning Difficulty' article for more information. 


Support Available 

Arrangements can be made for individual exam arrangements, such as extra time or the use of a PC.

We can inform lecturers (with your permission) that you have an SpLD and make recommendations on how they can support you.  This is called a Disabled Student Support Recommendation (DSSR).

We can help you to apply for Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs) (UK students), which is government funding that is available to students in relation to their studies.  More information is available here

We can provide individual study skills tutorials with specialist tutors. Tutorials will be face to face or remote in a blended approach. Your first tutorial will be remote and your tutor will discuss this with you. Tutorials could include:

  • Research skills 

  • Using the Library and Library resources 

  • Writing skills such as planning, structure, spelling, punctuation and grammar 

  • Reading strategies 

  • Referencing 

  • Note taking 

  • Organisational skills including time management 

  • Use of specialist software 

  • Exam strategies and revision techniques 

  • Presentation techniques

**Please note - to get exam support in place you must have seen a Disabilities Adviser to discuss your support plan (DSSR). If you have not already arranged this you will need to make an appointment with the team before the exam deadline date. You will receive an email and there will be a message on the student portal to advise on the specific dates.**


Contact Us


Current students: Please submit an enquiry via the Help & Support section of your Student Portal




Tel: 0191 227 4127

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