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Evidence Required for SpLD

The following outlines the evidence/assessment reports required for Specific Learning Difficulty (Dylsexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia and ADHD)

Assessment reports for university students must comply with the guidelines from the SpLD Assessment Standards Committee (SASC).

The SASC guidelines outline the tests that can be used in your assessment report to provide: 

  • Background information: to include education, previous difficulties and concerns. 
  • Attainments in Literacy: to include evidence of single word reading, reading comprehension and spelling.  Reading speed should also be provided in words per minute.   
  • Observed free writing and dictation speed. Timed free writing should also be provided in words per minute.  
  • Evidence of phonological difficulties, such as a test of non-words should be provided.   
  • Underlying ability: to include verbal comprehension, perceptual reasoning, working memory and processing speed with index scores.   

An assessment report MUST conclude that the student experiences a Specific Learning Difficulty, for example dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia or ADHD. 

The assessor providing the report should include their current practising certificate number and issuing body and show on their reports that they are abiding by the SASC guidelines in the following statement:  

The author of this report holds a current Practising Certificate / is HCPC registered (delete as appropriate) certifies that the assessment has been conducted and the report written in accordance with the SpLD Working Group 2005/DfES Guidelines for Assessment of SpLDs in Higher Education and subsequent updates. 

The author is (delete the profession that does not apply) 

A qualified psychologist/specialist teacher holding an approved qualification (as noted in the SpLD Working Group 2005/ Guidelines and subsequent updates) 

Qualification held and awarding institution 

Please note, we cannot accept a Form 8 or dyslexia screener report as they do not provide the comprehensive range of tests that we need for HE level study. A Form 8 is used in schools and colleges to apply for exam access arrangements, such as 25% extra time or the use of a scribe. It is not based on a full psychological assessment.  The full psychological assessment is required for support in HE. 

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