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Funding for Student Parents

Studying at university whilst bringing up children can be expensive. There are, however, a number of financial support schemes which could help you including: 

There are different types of funding you can apply for depending on the course you are studying, your mode of study and the level of study (e.g. undergraduate or postgraduate). For more information on the funding available for different types of courses and types of study click here.

Government Funding

Statutory funding is the type of funding provided by the government which all students who fit into a particular category or who pass a means test can access – this includes things like the Tuition Fee, Loan, Student Maintenance Loan, NHS Bursary and the Maintenance Grant/Special Support Grant. There are also some additional means tested grants for students who have dependent children. 

Please note that NHS students who started their course on or after August 2017, who receive the tuition fee loan and maintenance loan from SLC, may be eligible to receive an additional £1000 Child Dependants' Allowance from the NHSBSA (part of the Learner Support Fund).  For more information please click here.

University Funding 

Discretionary funding is the type of funding that you access through your University and which tends to be judged on an individual basis – this includes: 

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For more information, please contact the Welfare, Immigration and Funding Team.


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