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Bullying and Harassment

Bullying is when someone uses power or fear over you in a way that results in you feeling vulnerable or under threat. Bullying can take different forms:

  • Name calling or inappropriate jokes about you which you don't find funny
  • Threatening emails, phone calls, text messages
  • Face-to-face threats
  • Pushing, shoving or other unwelcome or hostile physical contact
  • Spreading rumours about you
  • Telling lies about you to cause your friends to distance themselves from you, or to cause trouble between you and your friends
  • Stealing or demanding money or other things from you

If any of these things are happening to you, you may feel scared, isolated, angry or hurt, or all of these things.

Remember, you do not deserve to be bullied, no-one does.

It is not your fault.


What if you are being bullied or harassed?

Northumbria has an anti-bullying and harassment policy, and you can use this to get help.

If you can manage to, you should tell the person bullying you that their behaviour is causing offence and is unacceptable. Be specific and tell them exactly which aspects of their behaviour you are talking about, and what you want them to stop doing. You may find it easier to take someone you trust with you when you do this, be careful not to be rude, offensive or aggressive yourself; be firm and clear.

  • Of course, you may not feel you can confront the person/s at all, because often the problem with bullies is that they are hard to confront. If you don't feel confident about doing it, then don't. You don't have to do it yourself, you can ask the University to deal with it on your behalf.
  • Keep a record of all incidents of bullying - dates, times, who was present, brief details of what happened. Save any emails or text messages.

Procedures for dealing with bullying and harassment

Anyone wishing to bring a complaint is encouraged to contact the Welfare, Immigration and Funding Team in Student Life and Wellbeing as early as possible. 

For help with submitting a complaint against a member of staff you should follow the Students' Complaints Procedure.  You can get independent confidential advice from the Students' Union.

Harassment or bullying is a breach of the University's student disciplinary code.  If you wish to bring a complaint against a fellow student you should contact your Faculty support, the Student Appeals and Complaints Ombudsman or the Students' Union for advice about how to proceed.

For more information, please contact Student Life and Wellbeing on 0191 227 4127.

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