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An opportunity to study in Newcastle


Deri Ford from Ulverston, Cumbria, had already visited the campus at Northumbria University and loved the city of Newcastle, so had a feeling Northumbria would be her go-to option if she didn’t get the A-level grades she needed for her first choice of programme.

The BA Psychology student, who hopes to specialise in forensic psychology when she graduates, was swayed by the fact that Northumbria University’s BA Psychology programme offers a range of specialist modules from the second year onwards, including in her dream field of forensics.



Deri's Story

She said: “Newcastle is an ideal place to study so when I got confirmation that I had a place at Northumbria University through clearing, it was such a relief. I’d already done my research so knew Northumbria offered an excellent programme in Psychology, plus I’d visited a few times and just loved the city.

“I love the variety of modules available for my course, especially for second year. The variety allows each student to focus on a topic they're really passionate about, which I think is really important within a degree.”

Deri describes the day she received her A-level results as ‘a bit of a rollercoaster’ as she discovered her initial grades, before remarking, weren’t as she’d expected so she’d lost out on her first choice. 

But, she’d already prepared an excellent ‘Plan B’. She used an office at her school to call Northumbria University’s clearing hotline straight away, and had an offer almost instantly.

She said: “Applying through clearing was so straightforward and I had confirmation of my place by lunchtime on results day. The staff on the helpline made it feel like a really simple process. I was so relieved that I could sort out my future in just a morning. The clearing team who looked after my application took the stress right out of everything.”

Deri hasn’t looked back and is delighted about how things have turned out. She has high praise for Northumbria and the city of Newcastle, describing it as feeling like she’s part of ‘one big family’.

She added: “The moment I’d accepted my offer, I was confident I’d made the right choice. Newcastle is a great location for me as I’m from Cumbria so it’s not far to travel at all if I want to pop home. The people here are so friendly - it’s like one big family and I’ve made some great friends.

“Everyone at Northumbria is so approachable and I know that if I ever need help at any point I can easily contact my tutors or use the ‘Ask4Help’ service – where you know specially trained staff are there 24/7 to sort out any kind of problem.”

She also has high praise for the range, quality and affordability of the student accommodation available in the city. She says: “The choice was impressive and I pay a lot less than some of the accommodation my friends have in different cities. I’m in a brand new student block right next to the University with loads of space, a double bed and an en-suite bathroom so it’s perfect.”

As she completes her first year of study and heads into her second year, Deri’s advice for students in the same boat as her, is simple. She says: “I would definitely recommend trying Northumbria University if you find yourself in a situation where clearing is an option. They just make the process so easy, the tutors are incredible and Newcastle is a fantastic city to live in as a student. I haven’t regretted it for a second.”

Northumbria University recognises that student life can sometimes be tough, especially in the first year as students adapt and adjust to new circumstances. In 2017, the university introduced an around the clock support service called Ask4Help, so that students experiencing any kind of difficulty can get help and support quickly. The team is available 24/7 during term time.

Northumbria University has a limited number of places available for high quality students through Clearing this summer. For more information, visit or call the Clearing Hotline on 0800 085 1085.

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