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It's ok to change your mind


Bethany Stoppard, 23, studied Marketing Management at Northumbria University and has found her time as a student here incredibly rewarding.

Bethany, who is originally from West Yorkshire in Wakefield, had initially chosen Sheffield Hallam University as her firm choice, and Northumbria University as her insurance choice. Grades weren’t so much the issue, as both universities had similar entry requirements, but it was more the location that was a main factor in Bethany’s final decision. 



Bethany's Story

I originally chose Sheffield Hallam just because it was close to home and my brother was also at this university, so I thought that it would just be quite convenient above anything else. I was really familiar with Sheffield as an area having visited my brother plenty of times, so I thought this would be a safe option.

When it came to results day, I suddenly had a panic that I wasn’t going further afield enough and that I wouldn’t be making the most out of my university experience. I had been to an open day at Northumbria and got a really great vibe from the place, and I thought the city itself was beautiful.

I had a spur of the moment change of heart and I went through the clearing process to get a place on my course, which was super easy and straightforward. It actually turned out to be a bit of a butterfly effect, as in my third year I undertook a placement in the Marketing Department at Northumbria, and then continued to work there one day a week in my final year.

After graduating, I then applied for a marketing role within the same team and I’m now a permanent member of staff here! None of this would have happened had I not have had my spontaneous change of heart!”

Bethany, through the clearing process, also picked a slightly different course to what she would have chosen if she’d have gone to her first choice university. Even though she had no business background, she decided that Marketing Management was an appropriate course for her and something that she would enjoy.

“I’ve always been interested in business but wanted to explore the marketing side, which I find much more interesting. I really enjoyed the modules on my course, and particularly in my final year I felt I was able to be completely creative with my work. The business school was a great environment to work in, and I remember it being the first thing I noticed when I came to visit on one of the open days.

I got on really well with my tutors, which definitely helps when it comes to approaching them about any work related issues I had and felt I had their full support and guidance. I also built a really great relationship with my Course Leader, who was always on hand to help, and nothing was ever too much trouble.”

With many opportunities being provided as a result of Bethany studying and working for Northumbria University, she strongly recommends it to other people who may be considering it or are unsure.  

Northumbria University has a limited number of places available for high quality students through Clearing this summer. For more information, visit or call the Clearing Hotline on 0800 085 1085.

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