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Fast Track Clearing Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes things don't go to plan and while we really hope you get the grades you're expecting on A Level results day, Northumbria's Fast Track Clearing Registration Service is here for you if you're considering clearing. 

How does the Fast Track Clearing Registration Service work?

Northumbria's new fast track to clearing service means you can pre-register your details with us in advance of A Level results day (Thursday 15 August 2019) and speed through the process! There is absolutely no commitment to Northumbria in doing so, it just allows you to speed up the process in gaining an offer from us on the day. 

  • Complete the form below.
  • You will receive a unique clearing number in the following 5 working days.
  • Quote this number if you need to call our clearing hotline on results day.


Who is the Fast Track Clearing Registration Service for?

Results day isn't always what you were expecting. This service is for anyone that doesn’t think their results are going to be what they planned, for better or worse, but also for those who have changed their mind about which university they want to study at. 

Please note: If you are already holding a firm or insurance choice at Northumbria, you don't need to register for Fast Track – we will consider alternative options for you if things don’t go to plan on results day.

How will my details be used?

Your details will be stored securely in our database and be used to help speed up the journey to an academic on results day. We will also send you updates and reminders on the run up to results day so you know exactly what to expect.

How do I register for the fast track service?

You can register by filling in our registration form below or calling 0191 349 5923.

When does registration close?

Fast track registrations end on the 9 August 2019 at 12pm.

Can I speak to someone about this service?

Yes of course. If you don’t want to call us on: 0191 349 5923, there are lots of ways to contact us, or feel free to e-mail us at

Already received your results?

Don't wait! If you have already received your results you can call the clearing hotline number now. Get in touch.

Register for our Fast Track Service

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