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Results Day | Top Tips for Parents and Guardians

Top Tips on Surviving Results Day

You may be feeling anxious about your son or daughter's A Level/BTEC results. You know they worked hard, but will their results be enough to secure their place at university? Here at Northumbria University, Newcastle we’re here to help. Our top tips will prepare you and your son or daughter ahead of results day.

  1. They need all the energy they can get. Encourage an early night before results day as well as breakfast in the morning. It could be a long day for them.
  2. Reassure them. Make sure they know that it is not the end of the world if they don’t get the results they’re expecting. There are plenty of opportunities through Clearing and in the world of work. Your reassurance and support will help ease their anxiety and allow them to cope better on the day. 
  3. Be prepared. Make sure you understand the UCAS Clearing process. Clearing is an opportunity for students if they don't get their expected results, did better than they thought or have had a complete change of mind. Visit our guide to the UCAS Clearing Process for further information and be sure to check out our Parents Guide to University for even more helpful tips to ensure you're fully prepared.
  4. What do they need on the day? They will need to know their personal UCAS ID number, login details for UCAS and the Student Finance Company, the UCAS code for the course they are interested in and a fully charged phone. We would also encourage plenty of water and snacks to fuel them through the day.
  5. Are you going with them? They might want you with them on the day, if possible we’d recommend clearing your diary. If not, then you could always arrange to call at a certain time to check in on them and offer your support and guidance.
  6. Are you on holiday? We would recommend to not book any holidays on Results Day, as being away could add additional stress and pressure. Your child is able to nominate someone to collect the results on their behalf but they will need to prepare in advance a signed letter of consent, naming the person they’ve elected. The nominated person will need to ensure they take along suitable ID on the day when collecting the results. 
  7. Encourage them to really consider their options on Results Day. Tell them to take their time. The course they choose will significantly impact their career and they need to enjoy it, it’s important that they make a considered decision.
  8. Stay calm. If they don’t get their expected results, then they will need your support and advice. Avoid additional stress as this could affect their ability to make a rational choice.

As long as you and your child feel prepared and remain calm on the day, then results day can be a rewarding experience. Remember that no matter what results your son or daughter achieves, there are plenty of options available to them. For further information about Clearing and Confirmation, visit our advice and guidance page or call our Clearing Hotline 0800 085 1085.

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