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Results Day | Top Tips for Parents

Top 10 Tips on Surviving Results Day

You’re probably quite anxious about your child’s A Level/BTEC results. You know they worked hard, but will they get the results they deserve? Here at Northumbria University, Newcastle we’re here to help. Our Top Ten Tips will prepare you and your children ahead of the day.

  1. They need all the energy they can get. Make sure they have an early night before results day and get breakfast in the morning. It could be a long day for them.
  2. Reassure them. Make sure they know that it is not the end of the world if they don’t get the results they’re expecting. There are plenty of opportunities through Clearing and in the world of work. That reassurance will help their anxiety and they’ll cope better with whatever happens, knowing you’re supportive.
  3. Be ready. Make sure you understand the UCAS Clearing process. Clearing is an opportunity if your child didn’t get the results they expected, for better or for worse. Digest our information on the UCAS Clearing process.
  4. Have a practice phone call: It’s better to be prepared for the worst. If your child goes into clearing then they need to phone up their desired University, not you or their friend. They need to treat the call like a job application so it’s sensible to have a pretend practice call to prepare.
  5. What do they need on the day? They’ll need a fully charged up phone, a phone charger, a pen, notepad, bottle of water, snacks, their UCAS personal ID number, login details for UCAS and the Student Finance Company.
  6. Are you going with them? Ask your child whether they want you there on the day. If they do, book some time off work or prepare to clear your diary. If they don’t want you by their side, firstly don’t be offended, just make sure you’re available to speak to them at any point during the day, if possible.
  7. Are you on holiday? We advise that you and your child are here for Results Day. The added pressure of being abroad or away will be an additional stress for them.
  8. Encourage them to really consider their options on Results Day. Tell them to take their time. The course they choose will significantly impact their career and they need to enjoy it, it’s important that they make a considered decision.
  9. Stay calm. If they don’t get their expected results, then they will need your support and advice. Don’t add any more stress or disappointment onto them as this won’t help them make a rational choice.
  10. Stress and Anxiety. With the pressure of results day, your child is likely to have not slept the night before. Ask yourself what can you do to help the situation? This could be reassuring them, staying calm yourself and making sure you are prepared for the day ahead. 
  11. Proud parents. When they know their results, let them know how proud you are, even if they don’t get their expected results.

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