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Confirmation - you're coming to Northumbria University!

Prepare yourself for results day and find out why you can relax and get on with celebrating if you have been successful in securing your place at Northumbria.

Holding an offer of a place at Northumbria University? Got your grades? Congratulations!!

There is no need to ring us to confirm your place. Please read the following to find out what happens next.

What is confirmation?

Confirmation is the process whereby final decisions are made on applicants holding firm and insurance places, and takes place after examination results have been published. For GCE and VCE A/AS candidates, the release of results is Thursday 18 August 2016. The University will then make final decisions on the conditional offers made to applicants earlier in the year.

If you have met the conditions of your offer, then your offer will be confirmed. Congratulations! You can check the progress of your application using the TRACK facility on the UCAS website.

You don't need to ring us to confirm your place - we know you have met your offer. Admissions staff will be extremely busy helping unplaced students find a suitable vacancy and you could help us by keeping lines free for these calls.

Conditional Firm Applicant - Northumbria First Choice

If you have chosen Northumbria as your first, or firm choice, and the University confirms your offer of a place, then you will receive official notification of our decision via UCAS (remember, you can view your final decisions on Track at any time), and UCAS will also send you a letter confirming your place. It is important to read this letter carefully and follow any instructions UCAS give you.

You will also receive the Northumbria University pack of joining instructions. This pack will give you all the relevant information you need as you make your final preparations to join us in September.

Your pack will contain information which you should read carefully as it contains important details on how to enrol online and pay your fees.

One of your first tasks as a Northumbria University student will be to enrol online. It is important that you do this as soon as you can, so staff at the university can make sure everything is ready for your arrival. All new students will automatically be given their own MyNorthumbria account, where you can access all the relevant information you need as a student, including the online enrolment login. The process is quick and easy and you just need to follow the instructions on screen. You can also have a look at our web pages for new students.

Conditional Insurance Applicant - Northumbria Second Choice

If you have chosen Northumbria as your insurance (or second) choice and you have met the conditions of our offer, the University will confirm that a place will be available for you at Northumbria if you are not accepted by your first choice institution - you can view our decision on UCAS Track in the normal way. However please be aware that because you have a firm choice at another institution, if you are confirmed by that choice, Northumbria will not contact you directly whilst you are committed to attending another institution.

But if you are unsuccessful in gaining a place at your 'firm' choice, and you have been confirmed by us, you will automatically become ‘firm’ at Northumbria, and UCAS will write to you to let you know this. You will then need to follow any instructions that they give you in their letter. Admissions staff from Northumbria will also automatically send you all the relevant information on enrolment and induction.

Just Missed?

If you have just missed meeting the conditions of your offer, then please use the UCAS on-line enquiry service TRACK for the latest update on the status of your application.

If the University has not confirmed your place on Thursday 18 August then it may be that we are awaiting further information from you or have not received all of your results. We may not have been able to make a decision because you did not meet the conditions of our offer. If this is the case you may decide that you would prefer to find an alternative course through UCAS Clearing - you should not delay contacting other institutions to find a suitable vacancy, but you must be officially eligible for Clearing before you can take up a place offered to you and refer yourself to them via UCAS. You become eligible for Clearing when both firm and insurance choices have rejected your application. 

The University may not be able to confirm you in your original choice of course, but may be able to make you an alternative, 'changed course' offer. If you find yourself in this situation, your response depends on the status of your application.

If you applied for more than one course and are holding a firm and an insurance offer:

  • You are offered a change by the firm choice - you must either accept or decline the revised firm offer. If you decline it, then you will either be placed with the insurance choice or, if they reject you, move automatically into Clearing.
  • You are offered a change by the insurance choice - you will not be able to accept it unless and until the firm choice rejects your place. You can however decline the insurance change. If you are also rejected by the firm choice you will be automatically entered into Clearing.
  • You are offered changes by both firm and insurance choices - you may accept either change in Track, or decline both and move automatically into Clearing.

If you applied for more than one course, but are holding only one offer, then you can either accept the change, or decline it and go into Clearing automatically.

If you applied to just one choice then you can either accept the change, or, if you paid the full application fee of £23, decline it and go into Clearing. If you only paid a £12 fee then you can move into Clearing by paying the further £11 in Track and then declining the changed offer. Once you have done that your Clearing Number will appear in Track.

If you have been made a changed course offer by Northumbria, you have five days from when you receive confirmation from UCAS to say if you want to accept or decline the place. It’s important that you tell us quickly, because if you are no longer interested in attending the University, your place could be allocated to another student. If you haven’t let us know within the time period, your application will be declined by UCAS.

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