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Accommodation - Student Perspective

Abbie Hardy-Lye Student Life

Edd In Page ImageMeet Edd Dutton, he’s a final year Architectural Technology* student from Bedale, North Yorkshire. Edd moved to Newcastle in 2012 and has lived in both halls and private student housing. Here is a quick interview with Edd to give you an idea of what he went through when moving away from home and what to expect when you make the big move!

1.  It must be overwhelming when starting the process of looking for halls or a student house, how did you start the process?

I think it’s important to use your support networks so the process isn’t too scary. Involve your parents, siblings or friends and you’ll feel much more confident in the situation. Do your research as well, if you’re well informed then you’ll make the best decision. I started by just reading up online and getting my head around the idea.

2.  Where did you go to find the housing that was available and ask questions?

There are loads of services and experienced professionals that can support you when you’re moving away from home for Uni. I used NU:LETS, it’s so handy because it’s based on campus. They don’t charge tenant fees like most estate agents do, so you know they’re trustworthy and only there to help you.

Talking to professionals really made me feel more confident and prepared.

3. How did you manage to make friends with your flatmates and course-mates?

Course-mates I think it’s fairly easy because you already have something in common. It did still take time for my confidence to build, but within a few weeks I was fine. Flat mates can be a little harder and it is a bit bizarre just meeting someone and knowing you’re going to be living in close quarters with them.

My advice would be to just make a massive effort to talk to everyone, break the ice by doing something fun as a group and before you know it you’ll be comfortable. They’ll all be in the same boat as you as well, so use them for support, you’ll get each other through the tougher days!

4. What would you recommend for your first year at University, in terms of what to choose for accommodation?

Definitely halls, all of Northumbria’s halls are so close to Uni so you can always walk, the price you pay every week includes all of your bills as well; so it’s less scary doing the adult stuff! Being in halls really immerses you in the student experience as well, which I’ll always remember. You’ll make friends and memories for life.

5. How have you found your experience of Newcastle as a city, to live away from home?

Coming from Bedale, which is a really small town, to a city like Newcastle really pushed me to do new things, basic things like even booking a taxi (we don’t really use them in Bedale!) But the fact Newcastle is actually relatively small for a city, in comparison to London or Manchester, means you can have that freedom but it isn’t too overwhelming.

One in six people in Newcastle are a student, so you don’t feel alone!

6. How did you deal with getting homesick and being away from your family?

I was fortunate enough not to really get homesick. My brother lives in Newcastle too, so I had his support there. None of my flatmates I’ve ever really seen be homesick, but I think maybe it is something people are scared to talk about. So, my tip would probably be to just talk about it. Chances are your flatmates and friends are feeling the same; support each other!

There’s loads of information available online, on Northumbria University’s website and you can even apply for your accommodation on the website too.

NU:LETS is based in Northumbria University Student’s Union and is open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.

*Unfortuanately, we no longer offer Architectural Technology but we have a wide range of other course available within Architecture and Built Environment.

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