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Why I chose to study Occupational and Organisational Psychology at Northumbria University


Right after my very last exam and before I received my final results from University, I took a one-way flight from my home country Germany to Ecuador.

Two years before that I have already been in Argentina for an internship as part of my undergraduate degree in psychology and economics, and I couldn't wait to go back to South America. So, for several months I enjoyed my new freedom, being neither a student nor an employee, instead living every day spontaneously without fixed dates, having everything I needed right in the backpack on my shoulders.

I was quite surprised though when after some time I realised how much I missed being at University: Having a structured week, the self-development, the pride after passing a challenging exam, in general, working towards a clear goal.

Having a new objective so was the starting point to explore my options. Still in South America I started to send job applications and I began to look for suitable postgraduate courses. At first, I considered studies in Germany that included a term abroad, when I learnt about an organisation that offered free application guidance for complete Master programmes in other countries. Especially the courses offered in the UK were interesting for me due to their shorter duration; they usually take one year instead of the two year programmes in Germany.

Once I returned home, I started to work in personal development. I enjoyed the variety of different tasks, including the organisation of training courses and designing study materials for the learning platform. Learning and development as study modules are core elements of a Masters degree in Occupational and Organisational Psychology, and interested in the theoretical foundations of what I have seen in practice, I started to look for Universities that offered this specific degree. I found the course offered at Northumbria and decided to apply as I knew that Newcastle was among the most popular places to study in the UK. The organisation helped me to collect the necessary documents, translated them, and uploaded everything from the transcript of records to my proof of English onto the application system. After a short time I received the offer to study, and once I accepted it, I started to organise my stay abroad: I read about the experiences of former international students in Newcastle and at Northumbria University, started to look for accommodation, booked the flight, packed my things, and couldn't wait for my time in England to finally start...

Yet has only passed a month since I arrived in Newcastle and I have already made a lot of great experiences.

I especially enjoy the many opportunities that are offered by University, like participating in different societies, events for international students and trips to other places in the North East. The studying experience here in England is very new to me compared to what I was used to in Germany: The course size is much smaller, there is a high emphasis on group discussions, and instead of taking exams, we write essays about topics we are interested in. That my course is very specific and broad at the same time, as it covers a range of different areas, not only learning and development, but also Psychometrics, Human Factors and wellbeing at the workplace, is what I like the most about it.

This diversity is inspiring for me when I think about where to work after graduation and I am looking forward to the next months to come.


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