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Er Jia

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Er Jia | He/Him | Undergraduate Content Creator | Architecture BA (Hons)


Hello, I’m Er Jia. I’m from Malaysia. I am an 18-year-old student who is currently studying my first-year degree in Architecture at Northumbria University. I’m small in size but big in heart, I love exploring and capturing moments that are unforgettable in life.

Some interests of mine include photography, cooking, drawing, playing badminton, playing video games, watching movies and spending time with my loved ones. One fun fact about me is I love investing my time and effort into the things i love!

Out of all these different interests of mine, I love photography the most. I first got into it when I was playing around with my brother’s camera (without him knowing, obviously). Those complicated buttons and satisfying clicking sounds have led me to curiosity.

There are times where I would miss my family and friends from Malaysia, that’s because love them a lot. I often video call them and update them about my life here in the UK and I am hoping to see some of them next year!

As an international student studying abroad for the first time, I am happy to say that I feel very welcomed by the people and the environment here at Northumbria University.


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