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Jeffery | He/Him | Postgraduate Content Creator | Marketing MSc


Hi there! I am Jeffery, an MSc Marketing student here at Northumbria University. I have a Bsc in Physiology and over four years of experience working in Marketing & Communications.

I find anything creative and mentally stimulating fascinating, this is evident in my wealth of experience across several creative fields spanning Photography, Videography, Graphics, Motion Graphics, UX and Front-end web design. I am a curious soul that loves to learn, and I thrive on the "Eureka!" moments that come with solving problems.

I enjoy (and can't go a day without) music. I love Adventures, catching up with my close friends, playing video games, ted talks, concerts, reading, watching anime, and bringing my imagination to life through different creative mediums.

While I don't classify myself as the most friendly person on campus, I am very welcoming and have a unique way of finding at least one common ground with everyone, so feel free to say hi if we cross paths. Cheers!


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