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Handbook of Student Regulations 2016 - Taught

This Handbook indicates the rights and obligations of each student as a member of the University. It makes apparent the rules of conduct to be observed by students.

Most of these regulations apply in your life as a student but some students on some professional programmes should take note that behaviour in their personal lives may have implications for progression on their programme of study.

Students should also consult other official University documents (e.g. Programme Handbooks and academic regulations) to ensure that they are familiar with all that is expected of them. The definitive version of the ‘Handbook of Student Regulations’ is that which appears below.

Title Page Preface Taught 2016

Section 1 - Introduction 2016

Section 2 - Student Enrolment Conditions 2016

Section 3 - Student Disciplinary Rules and Procedures  2016

Section 4 - University owned or managed accommodation 2016

Section 5 – Statement on Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech 2016

Section 6 - Ethics in Research 2016

Section 7 - Appeals against Examination/Assessment decisions  2016

Student Appeals Pro-Forma 2016

Section 8 - Withdrawal of a Student for Unsatisfactory Academic Progress 2016

Section 9 - Procedures for the Restriction or Leave of Absence of a Student on Health Grounds 2016

Section 10 - Student Complaints Procedure 2016

Section 11 - QAA Concerns Procedure 2016

Section 12 - Students' Union Code of Practice 2016

Section 13 - Credit Control and Debt Management 2016

Section 14 - Students' Intellectual Property Rights 2016

Section 15 - Conditions of Issue of Parking Permit 2016

Section 16 - Data Protection 2016

Section 17 – Duty of Care Procedures 2016

Appendix A Glossary 2016

Appendix B Principles of Natural Justice 2016

Appendix C Case Conference Protocol 2016

Appendix D Undertaking an Investigation 2016

Appendix E Hearings Order of Proceedings 2016

Appendix F Decision Making 2016

Appendix G Requests for Review 2016

Appendix H CPLs and the OIA 2016