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  • A hybrid method based on logic predictive controller for flexible hybrid microgrid with plug-and-play capabilities, Cavus, M., Allahham, A., Adhikari, K., Giaouris, D. 1 Apr 2024, In: Applied Energy
  • A robust Logistics-Electric framework for optimal power management of electrified ports under uncertain vessel arrival time, Sarantakos, I., Nikkhah, S., Peker, M., Bowkett, A., Sayfutdinov, T., Alahyari, A., Patsios, C., Mangan, J., Allahham, A., Bougioukou, E., Murphy, A., Pazouki, K. 1 Mar 2024, In: Cleaner Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Multi-port coordination: Unlocking flexibility and hydrogen opportunities in green energy networks, Nikkhah, S., Alahyari, A., Rabiee, A., Allahham, A., Giaouris, D. 15 Mar 2024, In: International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems
  • Investigation of weather conditions on the output power of various photovoltaic systems, Shadid, R., Khawaja, Y., Bani-Abdullah, A., Akho-Zahieh, M., Allahham, A. 1 Nov 2023, In: Renewable Energy
  • Primary frequency response from hydrogen-based bidirectional vector coupling storage: modelling and demonstration using power-hardware-in-the-loop simulation, Allahham, A., Greenwood, D., Patsios, C., Walker, S., Taylor, P. 19 Jul 2023, In: Frontiers in Energy Research
  • Sizing, economic, and reliability analysis of photovoltaics and energy storage for an off‐grid power system in Jordan, Seward, W., Chi, L., Qadrdan, M., Allahham, A., Alawasa, K. 1 Dec 2023, In: IET Energy Systems Integration
  • Switched Auto-Regressive Neural Control (S-ANC) for Energy Management of Hybrid Microgrids, Cavus, M., Ugurluoglu, Y., Ayan, H., Allahham, A., Adhikari, K., Giaouris, D. 26 Oct 2023, In: Applied Sciences
  • Towards 2050 net zero carbon infrastructure: a critical review of key decarbonization challenges in the domestic heating sector in the UK, Royapoora, M., Allahham, A., Hosseini, S., Rufa’I, N., Walker, S. 31 Dec 2023, In: Energy Sources, Part B: Economics, Planning and Policy

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