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Northumbria University students and their role in the community

Every year, thousands of Northumbria students live alongside the local community adding a valuable cultural and economic contribution to the City.

In most cases this relationship is a harmonious one, built on respect for neighbours and the different lives that each lead.

We work closely with Newcastle Council, Northumbria Police, and Newcastle University to help reduce the impact of anti-social behaviour of students in the local community. Should you experience any issues that you feel you cannot resolve through neighbourly conversation, please report your concerns to the University Crime Prevention Team in the form below.

Please be assured that we take all complaints seriously, including reports of Northumbria students engaging in of anti-social behaviour.

How to contact us

If you feel there is a serious problem requiring an immediate response, please contact Northumbria Police via 101 or in the case of an Emergency 999. In such cases, please also alert the University via the form below and we will also investigate further.

There is also an emergency anti-social behaviour contact number for Operation Oak which is available between 11pm and 4:30am on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights: 07504 898 148. Please text this number rather than call, as officers may not be able to answer a call immediately, but they will respond to texts as soon as possible. 

Contact Form

Report of Noise Nuisance or Antisocial Behaviour - Contact the Crime Prevention Team:

Other Useful Contact Details

  • Newcastle City Council Noise Related Issues: 0191 278 7878 (available 08:30 – 16:30 Mon – Fri ) - Calls received after the times stated will be directed to a 24-hour call centre staffed by Your Homes Newcastle and will be forwarded for investigation the following working day.
  • Litter/Rubbish problems – 0191 278 7878 ( ask for Envirocall )
  • Criminal Damage, Vandalism or Anti-Social Behaviour – Northumbria Police 101



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