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Our information guides are designed to answer some frequently asked questions and tackle concerns about student life.

Remember that, once you have read the information guides, you can also talk to us for further advice. University is an opportunity for transforming your life so don’t be afraid to ask questions and find out more.

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Undergraduate Applicants

Here’s how to apply to university and what you can expect from the universities that you’ve chosen as your first choice and insurance.

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UCAS Exhibition Hints and Tips

Visiting a UCAS Exhibition? Get the down-low on all you need to know to make the most of your visit.

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Money Matters

Money is always going to be a concern for students. Check out ways to increase money coming in and reduce money that you have to pay out.

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Writing your Personal Statement

The Personal Statement in the UCAS application is about you (as the name suggests) but it’s also an opportunity to tell universities why you want to study there and why you want to study a particular subject.

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Interview Hints and Tips

Going for an interview, whatever the reason, can be daunting. So to help you prepare we’ve put together a few tips and hints that might help you on the day.

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Preparing your Portfolio

A portfolio is a way of expressing your personality, demonstrating your creativity, showing your interests, sharing your inspirations, capturing your conceptual thinking, critiquing the work of yourself and others, and providing evidence of your commitment to the subject that you have applied for.

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Shine in your Drama or Performance Audition

If you apply for performance or drama based course you may be invited for either an audition or interview. To help you prepare we have some guidelines and tips which you will find useful.

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Postgraduate Application

You’re already one step closer to studying at Northumbria University. Find out how to submit your postgraduate application here.

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Part-time & Distance Learning Applications

Whilst most part-time courses do not set an exact deadline for applications, you are advised to apply early to secure your place and organise any sponsorship or funding.

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Study Guide

Our how-to guides on preparing for your exams and getting through studying and revising.

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Top 5 Dissertation Stress Relievers

Top tips on keeping your stress levels to a minimum while writing your dissertation.

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