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Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

Higher and degree apprenticeships offer the best of both worlds combining university study and workplace learning.

Whether it’s a new recruit or a current employee, organisations can enrol staff onto a higher or degree apprenticeship to gain new knowledge, new skills and new thinking whilst completing an undergraduate or masters degree.

By accessing levy payments or government funding, businesses can provide employees with a recognised and relevant qualification, with little extra cost to the organisation. Learning is based on real workplace activities and live projects to complement day-to-day operations.

Our extensive undergraduate and postgraduate apprenticeship portfolio provides opportunities for employees to upskill and gain new or further qualifications in a variety of programmes. Find out more about higher and degree apprenticeship in our guide or explore below for details on our apprenticeship portfolio.   

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Assessed as world-leading and internationally-excellent, research to develop the evidence base for contemporary policing is conducted across Northumbria University.


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