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  • A peroxiredoxin promotes H2O2 signaling and oxidative stress resistance by oxidizing a thioredoxin family protein, Brown, J., Day, A., Taylor, s., Tomalin, L., Morgan, B., Veal, E. 12 Dec 2013, In: Cell Reports
  • Inactivation of a peroxiredoxin by hydrogen peroxide is critical for thioredoxin-mediated repair of oxidized proteins and cell survival, Day, A., Brown, J., Taylor, s., Rand, J., Morgan, B., Veal, E. 10 Feb 2012, In: Molecular Cell
  • Continuous control of flagellar gene expression by the σ28-FlgM regulatory circuit in Salmonella enterica, Saini, S., Floess, E., Aldridge, C., Brown, J., Aldridge, P., Rao, C. 1 Jan 2011, In: Molecular Microbiology
  • The coordination of flagellar gene expression and the flagellar assembly pathway., Brown, J., Faulds-Pain, A., Aldridge, P. 1 Aug 2009, Pili and Flagellar, current research and future trends., Caister Academic Press
  • FliZ Is a posttranslational activator of FlhD4C2-dependent flagellar gene expression, Saini, S., Brown, J., Aldridge, P., Rao, C. 1 Jul 2008, In: Journal of Bacteriology
  • The rate of protein secretion dictates the temporal dynamics of flagellar gene expression, Brown, J., Saini, S., Aldridge, C., Rao, C., Aldridge, P. 1 Nov 2008, In: Molecular Microbiology

  • Microbiology PhD June 30 2002
  • Microbiology BSc (Hons) July 01 1998
  • chartered biologist CBiol

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