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Key Publications

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  • Generation Objects, Icons, Architecture and Collections: Object lessons from the work of Douglas Coupland, Crilly, M. 23 Apr 2021, Douglas Coupland and the Art of the Extreme Present
  • Common Language of Sustainability for Built Environment Professionals—The Quintuple Helix Model for Higher Education, Crilly, M., Vemury, C., Humphrey, R., Rodriguez, S., Crosbie, T., Johnson, K., Wilson, A., Heidrich, O. 10 Nov 2020, In: Energies
  • Media, Memes, Emojis and Other Digital Metaphors, Crilly, M., Morton, C. 29 Jun 2020, Connections
  • Convergence and interoperability of BIM with passive design principles, Crilly, M., Toledo, L. 9 Mar 2018, 22nd International Passive House Conference 2018
  • Mapping the ontology of housing politics, Crilly, M., Humphrey, R. 11 Apr 2018, Housing Studies Association Annual Conference 2018
  • The Misalignment of Policy and Practice in Sustainable Urban Design, Crilly, M., Lemon, M. 11 Apr 2018, Smart Futures, Challenges of Urbanisation, and Social Sustainability, Springer
  • Visualising urban energy use: the use of LiDAR and remote sensing data in urban energy planning, Dawood, N., Dawood, H., Rodriguez-Trejo, S., Crilly, M. 29 Dec 2017, In: Visualization in Engineering
  • Hulme Manchester: Regeneration of a Socially Excluded Quarter, Jackson, D., Crilly, M. 27 Apr 2016, In: Urban Planning International
  • Reality Capture for BIM: Application, evaluation and integration within an architectural plan of works, Craggs, D., Crilly, M., Dawood, N. 11 Dec 2016, The 16th International Conference on Construction Applications of Virtual Reality
  • Implications of open access data for low cost KPIs measuring energy efficiency, Carpenter, M., Crosbie, T., Crilly, M., Dawood, N., Mhalas, A. Oct 2014, ICT for Sustainable Places International Conference

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