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Research methods, citizen participation, people-place relations, sense of place

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  • COVID and the home: The emergence of new urban home life practised under pandemic-imposed restrictions, Erfani, G., Bahrami, B. 1 Feb 2022, In: Cities and Health
  • Reconceptualising sense of place: Towards a conceptual framework for investigating individual-community-place interrelationships, Erfani, G. Aug 2022, In: Journal of Planning Literature
  • Visualising urban redevelopment: Photovoice as a narrative research method for investigating redevelopment processes and outcomes, Erfani, G. 1 Nov 2021, In: Geoforum
  • Institutional stakeholder participation in urban redevelopment in Tehran: An evaluation of decisions and actions, Erfani, G., Roe, M. 1 Feb 2020, In: Land Use Policy
  • Sense of place as an investigative method for the evaluation of participatory urban redevelopment, Erfani, G. 1 Apr 2020, In: Cities
  • Petrovaradin fortress: From space to place, Çalışkan, M., Erfani, G., Kamenar, M. 2019, DOSSIER: PETROVARADIN Managing Historic Urban Landscapes, Novi Sad, Serbia, Faculty of Sport and Tourism
  • Participatory urban redevelopment in Tehran: an investigation through sense of place, Erfani, G. Mar 2018
  • Evaluation of social, spatial and visual links in Newcastle and Gateshead city centers in relation to landscape of bridges, Erfani, G. 1 Sep 2016, In: MANZAR, the Scientific Journal of landscape
  • A Comparative Study of the Development Approaches in India and China, Erfani, G. 1 Mar 2015, In: Journal of Art & Civilisation of the Orient

Urban Studies PhD April 11 2018

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