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Research Themes and Scholarly Interests

Leonie is interested in critical approaches to conflict, terrorism and counterterrorism. Her work on the discursive construction of identities has covered diverse topics, including the representation of women's migration to Islamic State, Islamophobia, the British far-right, American neoconservatives and Enoch Powell's impact on local politics.

She is particularly interested in gendered and racialised constructions in international politics and how these are re-articulated in national and local settings.

Key Publications

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  • Editors’ introduction: what place for 9/11 in critical terrorism studies?, Jackson, L., Toros, H., Jarvis, L. 21 Sep 2021, In: Critical Studies on Terrorism
  • Gender, Religion, Extremism: Finding Women in Anti-Radicalization by Katherine E. Brown, Oxford University Press, 2020, (Hardcover) (UK), 240 pp., ISBN: ‎9780190075699, Jackson, L. 5 Sep 2021, In: Critical Studies on Terrorism
  • Still just victims or villains? The “jihadi brides” and the representation of politically violent women, Jackson, L. 14 Sep 2021, In: Critical Studies on Terrorism
  • Framing British 'Jihadi Brides': Metaphor and the Social Construction of IS Women, Jackson, L. 9 Sep 2019, In: Terrorism and Political Violence
  • Islamophobia in Britain: The Making of a Muslim Enemy, Jackson, L. 2018
  • Negotiating race and religion in the West Midlands: Narratives of inclusion and exclusion during the 1967–69 Wolverhampton bus workers’ turban dispute, Kassimeris, G., Jackson, L. 3 Jul 2017, In: Contemporary British History
  • The Ideology and Discourse of the English Defence League: 'Not Racist, Not Violent, Just no Longer Silent', Kassimeris, G., Jackson, L. 1 Feb 2015, In: The British Journal of Politics and International Relations
  • British Muslims and the discourses of dysfunction: Community cohesion and counterterrorism in the West Midlands, Kassimeris, G., Jackson, L. Aug 2012, In: Critical Studies on Terrorism
  • The West, the rest, and the 'war on terror': Representation of Muslims in neoconservative media discourse, Kassimeris, G., Jackson, L. Mar 2011, In: Contemporary Politics


International Politics PhD August 31 2015

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