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Dr. Kopnina, Helen (Ph.D. Cambridge University, 2002) is the author of over two hundred peer-reviewed articles and (co)author and (co)editor of seventeen books on interrelated topics of environmental sustainability, circular economy, biological conservation, environmental ethics and animal ethics, and environmental education.

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  • Discussing the Silence and Denial around Population Growth and Its Environmental Impact. How Do We Find Ways Forward?, Washington, H., Kopnina, H. 2 Dec 2022, In: World
  • Exploring attitudes to biodiversity conservation and Half-Earth vision in Nigeria: A preliminary study of community attitudes to conservation in Yankari Game Reserve, Kopnina, H., Muhammad, N., Olaleru, F. 1 Aug 2022, In: Biological Conservation
  • Exploring posthuman ethics: opening new spaces for postqualitative inquiry within pedagogies of the circular economy , Kopnina, H. 1 Sep 2022, In: Australian Journal of Environmental Education
  • Harmony in Conservation, Washington, H., Gomez-Baggethun, E., Piccolo, J., Kopnina, H., Alberro, H. 1 Nov 2022, In: Conservation
  • Invasion biology and its discontents: Human supremacy, language, and animal treatment, Kopnina, H., Coghlan, S. 29 Apr 2022, In: Visions for Sustainability
  • Kopnina H. Peer Review Report For: Network learning and transitional change in a global project for transforming sustainability education. [version 1; peer review: 1 approved with reservations]. Open Res Europe 2022, 2:22, Kopnina, H. 29 Mar 2022
  • “Nature's contributions to people” and peoples' moral obligations to nature, Piccolo, J., Taylor, B., Washington, H., Kopnina, H., Gray, J., Alberro, H., Orlikowska, E. 1 Jun 2022, In: Biological Conservation
  • Socially responsible consumption: Between social welfare and degrowth, Baranowski, M., Kopnina, H. 2022, In: Economics and Sociology
  • Uniting ecocentric and animal ethics: Combining non-anthropocentric approaches in conservation and the care of domestic animals, Kopnina, H., Gray, J., Lynn, W., Heister, A., Srivastava, R. 2 Nov 2022, In: Ethics, Policy and Environment

anthropology PhD March 23 2002

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