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Key Publications

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  • A hierarchical, multivariate meta-analysis approach to synthesising global change experiments, Ogle, K., Liu, Y., Vicca, S., Bahn, M. Sep 2021, In: New Phytologist
  • High-order gas kinetic flux solver for simulation of two dimensional incompressible flows, Yang, L., Shu, C., Chen, Z., Liu, Y., Wang, Y., Shen, X. Jan 2021, In: Physics of Fluids
  • Temperature memory and non-structural carbohydrates mediate legacies of a hot drought in trees across the southwestern US, Peltier, D., Guo, J., Nguyen, P., Bangs, M., Wilson, M., Samuels-Crow, K., Yocom, L., Liu, Y., Fell, M., Shaw, J., Auty, D., Schwalm, C., Anderegg, W., Koch, G., Litvak, M., Ogle, K. 23 Jul 2021, In: Tree Physiology
  • Dynamic response of Antarctic ice shelves to bedrock uncertainty, Sun, S., Cornford, S., Liu, Y., Moore, J. 21 Aug 2014, In: The Cryosphere


Ecology PhD May 31 2015

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