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Graham's research interests lie in the general field of Public International Law with particular emphasis on issues surrounding the development and creation of international legal rules regulating the use of force. Graham's research combines a deep interest in not merely the development/change of the primary rules of law but also the process by which this development occurs; for which his research has been commended by the International Law Association.

An area of particular interest is the role of the United Nations in responding to mass attrocities. Graham's research enables him to engage in interdisciplinary dialogue for the puprose of informing the the promotion and development of an international world order that has human rights protection as its guiding value. 

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  • Evaluating the persisting relevance of the Uniting for Peace resolution for the maintenance of international peace and security: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Security Council Resolution 2623 (2022), Melling, G. 1 Aug 2023, In: International and Comparative Law Review
  • Has Russia Killed Article 2(4)? Evaluating the effectiveness of the prohibition of the use of force in the conduct of international affairs, Melling, G. 1 Sep 2023, In: San Diego International Law Journal
  • The use of force in international law, Melling, G. 11 Nov 2019, In: Journal on the Use of Force and International Law
  • Beyond rhetoric? Evaluating the Responsibility to Protect as a norm of humanitarian intervention, Melling, G. 7 Mar 2018, In: Journal on the Use of Force and International Law
  • Conceiving international law’s normative order beyond the ‘residual negative principle’, Melling, G. Nov 2018, In: Nordic Journal of International Law
  • The Security Council veto and Syria: responding to mass atrocities through the “Uniting for Peace” resolution, Melling, G., Dennett, A. 23 May 2018, In: Indian Journal of International Law
  • Murray Colin Alder, The Inherent Right of Self-Defence in International Law, Melling, G. 1 Sep 2015, In: Journal on the Use of Force and International Law
  • The Exercise of External Self-Determination by Indigenous Groups: The Republic of Lakotah and the Inherent Sovereignty of American Indigenous Peoples, Sargent, S., Melling, G. 22 Jul 2015, In: Sri Lanka Journal of International & Comparative Law
  • Indigenous Self-Determination: The Root of State Resistance, Melling, G., Sargent, S. 2012, In: Denning Law Journal
  • The protection of nationals abroad: lawfulness or toleration? A commentary, Melling, G., Grimal, F. 2 Jan 2012, In: Journal of Conflict and Security Law

  • Law PhD
  • Law LLM

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