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My research interests are:

  • Top management teams 
  • Strategy and transformation
  • Migrant and refugee employees
  • Cultural differences and leadership

I am pleased to talk to potential PhD students with interesting proposals that link to my research interests.

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Digital product innovation management: Balancing stability and fluidity through formalization, Pesch, R., Endres, H., Bouncken, R. Nov 2021, In: Journal of Product Innovation Management
  • How to achieve benefits from diversity in international alliances: Mechanisms and cultural intelligence, Pesch, R., Bouncken, R. 2018, In: Global Strategy Journal
  • Family Firms, Alliance Governance and Mutual Knowledge Creation, Bouncken, R., Hughes, M., Ratzmann, M., Cesinger, B., Pesch, R. 2020, In: British Journal of Management
  • Post-formational buyer directives: Aid or harm for learning and innovation in alliances, Bouncken, R., Ratzmann, M., Covin, J., Pesch, R. 1 Jul 2023, In: Industrial Marketing Management
  • Be a hero: Employ refugees like a pragmatist, Pesch, R., Ipek, E., Fitzsimmons, S. 24 Feb 2023, In: Organizational Dynamics
  • Understanding of refugees in management studies and implications for future research on workplace integration, Pesch, R., Ipek, E. 23 Jul 2023, In: European Management Review

  • Business Administration PhD July 15 2014
  • Business and Administration Diploma November 14 2009

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