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  • Police use of Twitter during a sporting mega-event, Aitken, A., Ralph, L., Robinson, P. 2023, In: Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice
  • The dynamic nature of police legitimacy on social media, Ralph, L. 9 Aug 2022, In: Policing and Society
  • Maintaining police-citizen relations on social media during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ralph, L., Jones, M., Rowe, M., Milllie, A. 3 Jul 2022
  • Visible Policing: Uniforms and the (Re)Construction of Police Occupational Identity, Rowe, M., Jones, M., Millie, A., Ralph, L. 7 Feb 2023, In: Policing and Society
  • The Abstract Police and Occupational Culture, Rowe, M., Ralph, L., Millie, A., Jones, M. 1 Feb 2022, The Abstract Police, The Hague, Eleven International Publishing

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Other: Written expert statement on new technologies and the application of law to the House of Lords Justice and Home Affairs Committee. 2021
  • Other: Written expert statement on possible issues arising from emerging technological developments in policing to the Independent Advisory Group on Emerging Technologies in Policing to Scottish Government 2021

  • Criminology PhD July 01 2020
  • Criminology MRes September 01 2015
  • Criminology BA (Hons) April 01 2014

Liam Ralph is a current Research Fellow on an ESRC funded Visible Policing project working with Professor Mike Rowe, Professor Andrew Millie, and Dr Matt Jones. The project looks at how police buildings, police artefacts, and police use of social media contribute to what we know about police visibility. He is also in the final stages of a PhD at Edinburgh Napier University that examines policing, social media, and police legitimacy in Scotland. For this, Liam worked closely with Police Scotland. At the same time as doing his PhD, Liam undertook an internship with The Scottish Government and examined Scottish Crime and Justice Survey data on public confidence in the police and satisfaction during encounters.


His main research interests are: Policing, police legitimacy, public confidence, technology, and social media

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