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Research Themes and Scholarly Interests

I completed my undergraduate and MSc studies at UFRGS (Brazil), where I developed initial interest in physiology and exercise applied to ageing, and in 2016 I obtained my PhD investigating physiological interactions between exercise, endothelial cells, and circulating microvesicles at Brunel University London. I then joined UFPel (Brazil) as a postdoctoral fellow, where I worked as a local manager of the HAEL study. In 2018 I took the position of Lecturer in Exercise Physiology at UFRGS, and in 2020 I joined Northumbria University as a Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science. My expertise revolves around physiology applied to exercise, with experience with resistance training, vascular and muscular adaptations to exercise, and endothelial cell work. I am currently focusing my research into the interplay between the human muscular and vascular systems to develop effective strategies for health and performance, with a particular interest in supporting healthy ageing. 

Key Publications

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  • Maximal oxygen uptake is underestimated during incremental testing in hypertensive older adults: findings from the HAEL study, Schaun, G., Alberton, C., Brizio, M., Santos, L., Bamman, M., Mendes, G., Silva, M., Andrade, L., Alves, L., de Ataides, V., Carmona, M., Lázaro, R., Botton, C., Umpierre, D., Pinto, S., Wilhelm, E. 15 Jan 2021, In: Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise
  • Acute Hemodynamic Responses to Repetitions to Failure Using Different Resistance Exercises and Protocols in Normotensive Men: A crossover study, Machado, C., Bgeginski, R., De Castro, C., Wilhelm, E., Pinto, R. 3 Jul 2020, In: Clinical and Experimental Hypertension
  • Water-based continuous and interval training in older women: Cardiorespiratory and neuromuscular outcomes (WATER study), Andrade, L., Pinto, S., Silva, M., Schaun, G., Portella, E., Nunes, G., David, G., Wilhelm, E., Alberton, C. 1 Jun 2020, In: Experimental Gerontology
  • Características físicas e de desempenho de backs e forwards da seleção gaúcha de rugby, Wilhelm Neto, E., Radaelli, R., Cadore, E., Soares, T., Pinheiro, E. 4 Mar 2019, In: Revista Brasileira de Prescrição e Fisiologia do Exercício
  • Concurrent Aerobic and Strength Training for Body Composition and Health, Wilhelm, E., Pinto, R. 2019, Concurrent Aerobic and Strength Training, Springer
  • The "Hypertension Approaches in the Elderly: a Lifestyle study" multicenter, randomized trial (HAEL Study): rationale and methodological protocol, Umpierre, D., Santos, L., Botton, C., Wilhelm, E., Helal, L., Schaun, G., Ferreira, G., De Nardi, A., Pfeifer, L., da Silveira, A., Polanczyk, C., Mendes, G., Tanaka, H., Alves, L., Galliano, L., Pescatello, L., Brizio, M., Bock, P., Campelo, P., Moraes, R., Domingues, M., Schaan, B., Alberton, C., Pinto, S. 29 May 2019, In: BMC Public Health
  • Alternative assessment of knee joint muscle balance of soccer players through total work-based hamstring: quadriceps ratios, Minozzo, F., Lopez, P., Machado, C., Wilhelm, E., Grazioli, R., Pinto, R. 26 Nov 2018, In: European Journal of Sport Science
  • Exercise-Derived Microvesicles: A Review of the Literature, Wilhelm, E., Mourot, L., Rakobowchuk, M. 1 Sep 2018, In: Sports Medicine
  • Noninvasive assessment of the common carotid artery hemodynamics with increasing exercise work rate using wave intensity analysis, Pomella, N., Wilhelm, E., Kolyva, C., González-Alonso, J., Rakobowchuk, M., Khir, A. Aug 2018, In: American Journal of Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology
  • Reply to Mynard et al., Pomella, N., Wilhelm, E., Kolyva, C., González-Alonso, J., Rakobowchuk, M., Khir, A. Nov 2018, In: American Journal of Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology


  • PhD December 15 2016
  • MSc June 07 2013

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