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Northumbria University holds 3 major examinations periods during the Academic Calendar:

  • Semester 1 (2 weeks January)
  • Semester 2 (3 weeks May)
  • Re-assessment (1 week in August)

These periods will apply to most taught programmes. However it should be noted that there are variances across the University in course dates and professional body requirements, especially on some programmes relating to healthcare education, teacher training and law. Therefore whilst examination activity does take place during most months of the calendar year only the major periods, as above, are published.

Individual support, advice and guidance is available to any student who has a disability, medical condition, specific learning difficulty or injury that may affect their study at the University and needs to be taken into consideration whilst sitting examinations. Depending on your needs, these arrangements can include extra time, use of a PC, reader or scribe.

To get further information on the types of support available you can contact the Disability and Dyslexia Support Team.

The Northumbria University Student Charter asks that students make themselves aware of all regulations and procedures governing their time at the University including those relating to academic integrity and avoidance of academic misconduct.

Assessment Regulations, Policies and Procedures: Detailed Policy, Regulations and associated procedures information concerning areas such as, regulations governing exams, academic misconduct, alternative forms of assessment for disability, personal and technical extenuating circumstances and appeal processes.

Students should also take time to read the Handbook of Student Regulations and any course related information they are given as these may also contain additional relevant information on regulation and procedure that they need to be aware of concerning their specific course assessment requirements.

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