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Professor David Kennedy

Director of the Brain Performance and Nutrition Research Centre

  • Vitamin, mineral and herbal supplementation on human cognition and mood
  • The use of in-house developed mobile phone delivery system for cognitive tasks; ‘Cognimapp’
  • The gut-brain axis; the relationship between foods/nutritional supplementation and how this facilitates cross-talk between the gut microbiota and brain function

Professor Glyn Howatson

Professor of Molecular Nutrition and Executive Dean, Faculty of Health & Life Sciences

  • Understanding fatigue / stress, recovery and adaptation to optimising human performance
  • Use of functional foods to manipulate physiological function for health and improved exercise capacity
  • Integrated applied physiology that use molecules-to-man approach to understand the brain to muscle interaction

Dr Jose Lara Gallegos

Senior Lecturer in Human Nutrition

  • Lycopene and Tomato and risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Relationship between sodium and hypertension
  • Dietary nitrite supplementation on blood pressure




Professor Jason Ellis

Director of the Northumbria Centre for Sleep Research (NCSR)

  • The causes and consequences of insomnia
  • The assessment, diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders
  • The mechanisms underpinning sleep and wakefulness





Dr Darren Smith

Associate Professor in Bacteriophage Biology within the Department of Applied Biology, Cellular and Molecular Sciences/Microbiology Group

  • Microbiome studies
  • Whole genome sequencing
  • RNA-Seq
  • Isoform sequencing and epigenetics


Dr Iain BrownleeDr Iain Brownlee

Associate Professor in Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation

  • Whole body and systems physiology
  • Dietary fibre, whole grains and seaweeds on cardiovascular, metabolic and gastrointestinal health
  • Novel technology for nutrition and health assessment




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