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For details on our English Language Requirements and Pre-Sessional Courses visit our English Language Centre pages.

Although some courses have specific requirements for entry, Northumbria will consider any qualification for entry to its courses.

For entry to: You will need: Grade Required:
IFP Vitnemal-videregaende opplaering Grade 3
Undergraduate Vitnemal-videregaende opplaering Grade 3.7
Postgraduate Programmes A Post 2003 Bachelor Degree OR pre 2003 Candidatus Magisterii C/2.7
Graduate Certificate A Post 2003 Bachelor Degree OR pre 2003 Candidatus Magisterii D/3.3

Please note these are general entry guidelines. Actual requirements may vary depending on your chosen course of study and certain courses may have specific or additional entry requirements, full details can be found on our course directory. Decisions for entry will also be based on personal statements, previous study information and not just your final course grading.

Students can apply to Northumbria University with or without the support of an agent, each application is considered equally irrespective of their involvement.

Northumbria has developed relationships with a number of agents across Europe, each of which are provided with course literature and regular updates about the university and the programmes it offers. 

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