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For details on our English Language Requirements and Pre-Sessional Courses visit our English Language Centre pages.

Although some courses have specific requirements for entry, Northumbria will consider any qualification for entry to its courses.

For entry to: You will need: Grade Required:
International Foundation Programme Bachiller Académico 3 / 5 or Excellent
1st Year Undergraduate Técnico Profesional 3.5 / 5
2nd Year Undergraduate Tecnólogo en [subject area] / Título de [subject area] a nivel tecnológico 3.5 / 5
  Tecnólogo Especializado en [subject area] 3 / 5
Postgraduate Licenciado / Título de [subject area] / Maestro en [arts subject area] 3 / 5 for courses requiring a 2:2

3.5 / 5 for courses requiring a 2:1
Graduate Certificate Licenciado / Título de [subject area] / Maestro en [arts subject area] 3 / 5

Please note these are general entry guidelines. Actual requirements may vary depending on your chosen course of study and certain courses may have specific or additional entry requirements, full details can be found on our course directory. Decisions for entry will also be based on personal statements, previous study information and not just your final course grading.

Ale (as she likes to be called) is originally from Santiago de Chile and moved to Newcastle in November 2013. She participated in the Amity Institute exchange programme in South Carolina, USA as an undergraduate student at Universidad de Chile and then became an academic of TESOL and Linguistics at Universidad Católica de Chile.Alejandra Vicencio - Brazil , Latin America

Ale has been working in international education since 2004 and founded a Spanish immersion school in Santiago in 2008. For Northumbria she is in charge of partnerships and collaboration in terms of student and academic mobility, international agents and sponsored students.  Ale is also the leader on the Brazilian Science without Borders programme and recruitment activity in Latin America.

Ale has been promoting links with Latin America in the UK for 5 years and participates actively in different groups, such as The Latin America Community of Practice with the International Unit. She is a member of Northern Counties Club in Newcastle and Northern Lead for the Anglo-Chilean Society in the UK.

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